a lot of love to give.

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This week I'm celebrating both my 200th blog post (a little late) and the wonderfully romantic, lovable holiday we call Valentines Day. A single girl has two options during the Valentine's holiday:

Hermitude: Hole up in her finest sweat apparel, lose herself in romantic comedies and waste days feeling sub-par due to a lack of man in her life.


Wholehearted Embrace: Throw herself into the spirit of Valentine's Day and spread the love anyway she knows how...even if it isn't with a dreamy man.

The latter is definitely more theraputic, and so I've chosen to embrace. Sincerely I hope you don't mind being my therapy...you don't mind? Fantastic. :) What better way to show some love than to host a little giveaway? Stop by Tuesday to check out the giveaway love...just a little something to encourage culinary creativity. :)

(Confession: This is me buying time so I can photograph my giveaway items.)

Have the very loveliest Monday imaginable. Typically, lovely Mondays don't exist in my world...but a girl can certainly dream and wish them for others. :)


  1. cute...and i agree! still lots of people to love in our lives...even if they aren't tall, sweet, cute & dreamy! ha!
    happy monday...

  2. Happy Monday to you too - I try to think Monday will be good! Can they ever be? Here's hoping for a fab week

  3. Happy Monday morning, Bethany my dear! I am looking forward to hearing more about your giveaway. No doubt it will be something quite adorable, much like you! I have loved making Valentines for all my girlfriends this year, and would you believe I haven't come up with anything for my husbnad yet? (there's still plenty of time, right?!)

    My Monday isn't off to the greatest start, but it's early yet... so I'll try to keep my chin up. I've got my chai tea latte to help!

  4. I'm with you on this one as much as it would be lovely to have someone special for valentines it isn't essential! Luckily Australia isn't quite as valentine crazy as your fair country but it's not a day to be sad : )

  5. Bethany:

    One rule you have to live by is to not buy chocolates for yourself on that day. Can you say ugh...

    Another rule:

    Be Still and know that I am God. Ps. 46:10

  6. I thought of you today. I know you're still healing and this day - however you veiw it could be tough. Fortunately for me, even when I was married this was never our day - it always seemed silly to buy overpriced flowers and eat in packed restaurants. It's just nice to be together. In my single state, i also embraced option 2 and treated myself a little. I saw two movies this morning/afternoon (The Blind Side and Crazy Heart). In between I bought a little box of six truffles that I snuck in and ate during the second film. Happy Valentine's Day to me. I think I'll live to see another one. I know you will also.

  7. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, Bethany!! sending you lots of love and hugs and... what else? chocolate! hehe :)


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