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Ahem. Tap...tap. Is this thing on?

I'm feeling quite rusty. Goodness, I promise that delay was not to build anticipation, but the effect of an onslaught of art history textbooks and late night still life paintings. Oy vey...if only I could remember how many hours I spent painting pears...or how many pears I've purchased in the last two weeks...

On to the giveaway, my dears! I'm a sucker for dreamy teal and green aprons. I rarely wear them, but believe nothing looks more welcoming than a crisply charming apron, hanging quietly from a hook...suggesting that I actually cook on a regular basis. Do not be fooled: I don't. Perhaps you do, and could put this beauty to use?

Perhaps you could also make use of this adorable starter recipe book...it's bound to look adorable on your shelf regardless. Filled with a handful of the sweetest, simplest recipes, as well as handy little categorized pockets to stash those pesky stray recipe cards and snipped magazine pages!

To enter: Simply leave a comment on this post before Sunday, February 21st...any comment will do! A simple hello...or if you're feeling cheeky, share your absolute worst kitchen disaster. (Best kitchen disaster wins a little token treat!) No matter where you reside... Connecticut, Canada or Costa Rica...manor, mansion or mobile home...this giveaway is so warmly open to all!

I'll post the winner on Sunday...until then, drop a comment! The more the merrier! :)


  1. Adorable apron!!

    Worst kitchen disaster?? hmmmmm there are many I could list here.

    The worst though was my first Thanksgiving away from home. I made John and I a turkey and sides. The turkey wasn't cooked all the way through so we tossed it out and ended up eating turkey burgers. It was so upsetting to me because I just wanted it to be nice. We ended up inventing the "thanksgiving burger" though and still laugh about it to this day.

    Thanksgiving Burgers:
    turkey burger
    sweet potato thinly sliced

    It's surprisingly delicious... at least to us :D

  2. Your adorableness somehow makes up for the hours upon hours you've made us wait for this awesome giveaway.

    I imagine myself in 6 months, in pj's all day, covered in baby drool, unwashed hair struggling to make some form of dinner....but looking totally June Cleaver in this apron. I love it!

    Oh and um the only kitchen "disaster" I can think of is when I was making mashed taters from scratch for the first time and I used 4 sticks of butter instead of 4 tablespoons. Hey, it was a Paula Deen recipe so I didn't blink an eye. It was the most delicious, artery-clogging disaster ever.

  3. Oh, which disaster to choose from? The time I almost gave JEGs salmonella posioning? No. When I tried to make cookies and they became mini pancakes? No.

    Let's go with the time I frying tilapia in a pan, and when I was finished I spun around and ran water on the burning hot oil. This caused a chain reaction of epic proportions. The oil and water smoked up, which set off the fire alarm. Since we are in an apartment building were ALL the fire alarms are connected, all 12 residences in my little area had blaring fire alarms. This sent an alarm to the main office which automatically sends an alarm to the local fire department.

    So I am now standing outside my building- with all my very annoyed neighbors- while the fire fighters shut off the alarms.

    Needless to say, no one was holding the door for me that week. hehe.


  4. I too have many to choose from:
    One of best has to be setting our brand new all-singing all-dancing range cooker on fire during our first week in our newly built house! I had forgotten to take off the protective covers and I was only trying to warm plates for our chinese takeaway!

    Glad to see you back - hope those pears behaved themselves!

  5. {What is it about pears that they demand to be painted?}

    Oh Bethany! I am in love with this apron (the teal and green are just gorgeous)! And the cookbook looks beautiful too. What a fun giveaway!

    I am a terrible cook, but I keep on trying. My boys have to eat after all... I am constantly setting off the smoke detector and then waving tea towels around in an effort to clear the air and make the beeping stop! The kids usually sit with hands over their ears whenever Mummy's making dinner...

    The kitchen mishap that comes to mind first isn't actually food related, but it was traumatic nonetheless. Hubby and I had just purchased our first condo and were hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 25 (I know, I'm crazy, right?) I was super stressed out, stuffing the turkey and chopping a billion vegetables and dashing around from the fridge to the stove and back again. I kept telling myself it was going to be great, because hey... after all... the condo had a dishwasher! (the first dishwasher I've ever had in my entire life) Well, guess what? The dishwasher decided to pack it in about an hour before all the guests arrived. Seriously. It just stopped working. We were hand-washing dishes (and mopping up our wet kitchen floor- the dishwasher kept spurting water all over the place) for days after. Sigh.

    Anyway, it's all behind me now. I continue to aspire to be a domestic goddess, and maybe this apron would help me on my way? I'll keep my fingers crossed for it to arrive in my postbox in a few weeks' time, shall I? ;~)

    I second Cassie. I'm glad to see you back, too. xo

  6. Just read your comment on Cassie's post and Bethany my dear, just because you're a "silly American who's never heard of Pancake Day" doesn't mean you can't partake in it. We like to do pancakes for dinner. Pancakes for breakfast is fun, but for dinner? Far more exciting! I say you should mix up a batch for dinner tonight!

  7. What a cute apron!

    I've had so many kitchen disasters that It's really -hard- to choose a best one.

    I think it would probably be the time that I decided to make a huge batch of tomato sauce.

    I left it bubbling away on the stove for a while and when it was almost done I wanted to make it a little smoother so I thought I'd use my immersion blender on it!

    HUGE mistake. HUGE.

    I had a very very full pot of sauce, and as I plunged the immersion blender in already whirring away there was a tomato sauce explosion of epic proportions.

    I am still cleaning bits of sauce off of the underside of my cabinets months later.

    Use caution when cooking red foods!

  8. Cute, cute apron!

    I, unfortunately, haven't had a lot of time in the kitchen and therefore haven't had many kitchen disasters. (Chad's been lucky--for now.)

    I do remember one time I was about 11 or 12 and my mom was at a ladies meeting in Mankato and the kids were cooking dinner. I was on potato duty and I just popped them in the microwave (apparently, boiling water was too advanced for me). They didn't get cooked all the way in the middle, and yet, we at them anyways (raw middle and all). :)

  9. Super cute apron, I just have to say Beth that your blog is one of my favorites to read,such a delight!

  10. Loving your blog!

    This christmas I used wax paper instead of parchment paper when baking cookies. A few minutes later I asked myself why it smelled like a hot glue gun in my kitchen and found not only melted wax paper, but melted cookies and a ruined cookie sheet - oops!! At least I'll never make that mistake again, right? :)

  11. Such a great giveaway! With that apron I'll be a kitchen princess and I can't imagine any more disasters taking place :)

  12. That apron is just gorgeous! I think one of the worst kitchen disasters was when I offered to make cookies for my partners new work colleagues. Instead of putting sugar I accidentally put cornflour. I insisted that he told everyone that I made them and that he wasnt allowed to take the credit. Apparently everyone ate them out of politeness. It was one of those times i wish i had have let him take the credit.

  13. I can't recall any disasters as such - I mostly have kitchen depressions. Serving dinner so late because I have to wait for it to finish cooking, eating the edges of a cake that's still raw in the middle etc etc. Yeah, that sort of thing just depresses me.

  14. What a fun giveaway - but I'm also hoping for a peek at all the pears you've been painting.
    Here's my kitchen confession: I can't bake a brownie to save my life. Doesn't matter if it's a cheap boxed mix, an upscale mix or scratch - they never turn out for me.

  15. love the giveaway. I have been looking forward to it all week.

    Kitchen distasters - I have many b/c I am always experimenting. My most recent was an almost raw turkey this year. I did my math wrong, and everything was ready but the turkey. so sad!!!! Or the amazing cake I tried that literally imploded. argh.

  16. One time I made cookies bad enough to make a child literally cry.

  17. Don't enter me in your drawing, that would just be weird...but I really wanted to share my kitchen disaster.

    1st week out on my own, just moved out of my parents. I decided to be really domestic and work on some Amish Friendship Starter (errrr...Friendship Ender???) bread. Followed the instructions to a T. The bag exploded all over my "new" kitchen. Between the stove & cabinet. Up in the fan and hood. It smelt sour for a week. A year later when I moved out, I was still scraping dried starter out of odd places.

  18. oh how i love aprons and want to start to sew them myself...i have had so many disaster kitchen experiences...like when i was much younger reading 3 tsp as 3 cups and adding that much salt to scones! hmmmmm not good.
    i also just wanted to thank you for your beautiful & heartfelt comment on my blog. it is wonderful to have friends like you and support from all over the world to get me through....today feels brighter...i'll be okay
    you are so sweet....
    with love

  19. I love the cookbook and the apron is darling!

    I don't have a good cooking disaster as of right now, but I am on the phone with my mom or dad quite often when I am trying to perfect a recipe.

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. It's a blessing to see(read) and experience the changes you are going through. I give you hundreds of kudos for doing what your heart tells you and living to tell the rest of us...no matter what the outcome!

    Hope you had a fab V-day! Take care!

  20. I love the apron and am currently using a binder for all of my stray recipes- so something a bit cuter would be nice!!

    My worst kitchen disaster would probably be the time I cooked lasagna and could not, for the life of me, figure out why it was not getting done. I left it in the right amount of time, kept checking it, and still it was a soupy mess. Well, our oven is old and still has its own preheat setting, that you have to actually turn to bake when you are ready. I totally forgot, and the lasagna was just not cooking right! Lovely mess it was.

  21. Oh I love aprons!!! Although I don't wear them as much as I should. But I do have a thing for them. I'm sure I have a ton of kitchen disasters but I usually try to get them from my mind quickly!

  22. hmmm...i don't even know what i would do if i won that classy apron?! would it be proper to wear while i made my microwave dinner...or frozen pizza!!! ok, ok, ok, i'll be serious, but no, seriously, i don't cook...although I have been dabling in these delicious carmel brownies that Meg gave me the recipe for. i do crazy things for chocolate...like bake! ha, ha, is it sad that i use the microwave to help make these brownies!!!

    mabye there are some carmel brownies in your future...i don't make them for just anyone!

    ok i have rambled enough...happy wednesday =)

  23. I don't think I've ever seen a giveaway more cutely introduced! you are such a doll :)

    and can I just say how amazingly gorgeous that apron is?!? I'm loving the colors, too. I like to cook though I don't do it too often, but I'm sure that cute ruffly thing would make me want to spend more time in the kitchen!

    as for worst kitchen disasters, I think I have too many to choose from! Let me see... well, for Thanksgiving I made these cranberry-pineapple jelly "cupcakes." while boiling the fruit juice and the raspberry jello powder, I went to slowly, carefully add in the chunked fruit. well, to my surprise midway through, nearly all the fruit went PLOP, splashing bright pink liquid all over me, my robe, my Uggs, the stovetop, the kitchen floor and --get this-- the ceiling! it was like TSUNAMI! and you can bet we still had pink spots above the microwave for a week after Thanksgiving :)

  24. is it possible than this apron is even more darling than the one I nabbed last fall? ;)

    my worst kitchen disaster:
    shortly after jeff and i tied the knot, we hosted my parents for the weekend at our itty bitty apartment in the upstairs of a big beautiful old house. i was determined to whip out a passible (is that a word?) breakfast, complete with bacon, eggs, and muffins. whilst frying the bacon, a chunk of paper towels i had near the oven started on fire. yes, i started a fire. my sheer panic summoned my dad from the living room (thankfully) wearing his el-cheapo tennis shoes. he bravely stomped out the fire without giving it a second thought. smoke alarms, burned bacon, and melted linoleum later, i lived it down. believe it or not...i thought the teasing would never end.

  25. Most of my kitchen adventures are distasters.

  26. Yey... double entries.

    I'm glad you found your color. The world looks a lot different in color.

  27. I'd like to take advantage of this whole "Erin's Rule" thing I've heard about. Who is this sassy girl, asking to be entered TWICE? The nerve!

    (smart girl though, isn't she?)


    Happy Weekend, Bethany my dear!

  28. Very smart Erin!!

    Here for my second comment!


    PS: I echo Erin's sentiments above too - you are no silly american - be sure of that! xx

  29. Another gorgeous pic! And yay for 2nd comments! And for weekends! Have a lovely one Bethany!

  30. Since I didn't share a kitchen disaster the first time I'll use my second comment to share. I was making twice baked potatoes and I accidentally added a little too much liquid but I thought they would be ok so I stuffed the potatoes back into the peels and onto a cookie sheet and back into the oven to baked but when I peeked at them they had tipped over and spilled out leaving me with a cookie sheet of essentially potato soup.

  31. Hmm, I've had a lot of funny and crazy kitchen horror stories. The most memorable was for me in culinary school. I was a timid 18 year old, knowing nothing about the commercial food industry. It was the end of our first 6 week course and we had to make a full meal in 45 minutes for our final. All the burners were taken, the pilot light went out in the one I finally managed to snag. I had to spend precious minutes tracking down matches. I didn't get my rice on in time. It ended up crunchy. Nothing was finished, but had to be plated anyway. This was so frustrating and embarrassing. Especially since I practiced making the veal curry about 5 times at home before the test. It could have been a scene from a reality tv show for sure. Luckily the chef wasn't too hard on me, but I was so stressed and sad! I thought I wasn't cut out for it and would never get through culinary school!

    You are such a sweetheart. That apron is great, you can never have too many- right?

  32. Yea for having another chance at that apron--by the way, I'm writing this while laying on the beach:)

  33. I LOVE the belt in your new post!! Totally jealous! You look so great!! Can you bottle up some motivation and send it my direction?

  34. So do I get bonus points if I tell of a kitchen disaster experienced by you??? For all those out in blog land my dear Bethany as an 8th grader was all about making garlic mashed potatoes. When I came home from work I found that not only had she attempted to make said garlic mashed potatoes but had scorched my brand new hot pad under the pot and had gotten so frustrated that she took the pot of pogot2worktatoes outside and whipped them into the flower garden! Oh the memories!

  35. With only 35 comments so far I can't lose!

  36. Just making a stop for my second entry :-)


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