to dad.

birthday1.jpg picture by wakeworkrinserepeat
(See P.S. note below.)

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday! Although I've only been privy to 23 of your 51 years, those years have been incredible. This day in age, it means so much for a girl to have a loving, amazing father in her life...words can never say all that needs to be said to fathers like you. But, thank you. Thank you for:

...the late nights patiently explaining algebraic equations to a tearful 14 year-old me.
...the evenings spent in theaters watching my terrible musicals.
...not lecturing me when I drove to Chicago without asking.
...not killing me when my car broke down on that Chicago trip, and so patiently driving overnight to pick me up.
...rolling my hair into curlers at 1am for an entire week in the name of "theater".
...morphing a pillowcase into a poodle skirt the night before Halloween.
...buying Dana and I a kitten, even though mom nearly killed you for it.
...making me break up with that guy who didn't have a job when I was 16 (because, "How is he going to provide for you, Bethany?").
...never flinching when I painted my room at 2am, and instead showing me how to work the "W" with the roller.

For instilling in me a sense of creativity...encouraging the colorful girl within to emerge and find what she truly loves, no matter how bumpy the process. For telling me that I can do anything, if I put my mind and heart to it. For the loving encouragement when my heart gets broken. For teaching me how to find humor and laugher in life.

For being steadfast. For loving no matter what.

I love you. A girl couldn't ask for a better father. Thanks for being the man in my life. :)

Your 'B'

P.S. Concerning the above photo: Those are your drill bits. I wasn't sure how to reveal this to you, as last year when your power drill went missing, you swore to sniff out the drill thief and punish them mercilessly. I vehemently insisted that I'd borrowed and returned it. I was wrong. It was refound it a few months ago...but, I was scared to reveal that I am the drill thief. Whoops?


  1. What a sweet tribute! And the part about the drill bits is hilarious!

    Happy birthday to your dad :-)

  2. I love that he was thinking of how your 16-year-old boyfriend was going to provide for you.

    Fathers are the best :)


  3. this is hilarious.

    hbd mr. wuerch!

  4. dads are awesome & so is your post.

    Happy Birthday to your dad!

  5. Just talked to Dad...he's not mad..just having an "I told you so moment." But whatever, it's his birthday, we can allow that. I'm just glad it's at your expense and not mine. ;) And I become the good daughter again! You can only hold the title for so long.

    Happy Birthday Dad! Love you lots!

  6. P.S. I love that your "Whoops?" screams... "Maybe if I put a question mark after whoops, it will seem even more innocent."

  7. Happy Birthday to your Dad! The paart about the drill bits was priceless...you are so much like my daughter!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your Dad!
    And Bethany I LOVE you left it till his birthday and after a wonderful post to tell him about the drill!!!
    Hee hee

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. This is such a touching letter of gratitude and thankfulness to your Dad. How sweet you are and it sounds like a lot of it is due to him being so sweet to you.

  10. love the picture and the drill story! What a great idea- I would have never thought of using tools to make a picture!


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