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(I discovered a cookie-cutter hiding in the tissue paper after this photo!)

Have you met
Erin? Last week, Erin dropped me a little e-mail to say that she knew I was in need of some cheering up and had chosen me for a Pay It Forward chain...all I needed to do was send her my address! Happily, I agreed to participate.

And, goodness, does Erin know what cheers me! The package arrived...its crisp light kraft paper greeting me with sparkling rosy stickers and the very friendliest handwriting. Filled with carefully chosen gifts wrapped in aqua (!!) tissue paper, each item had a small Post-It note attached explaining why it had been chosen for me:

Teeny, tiny colored pencils: for the girl who loves to draw
A Starbucks gift card: to buy a cheery extra foamy chai latte and a treat
A bright 'B' magnet: because B is for Bethany
Sweet aqua cards: because I know you love teal blue!
The chicest pack of tissues: to wipe away tears, fashionably

A sunny notepad: a reminder to keep smiling
A soft pink cookie-cutter and yummy cookie recipe: perfect for a tea party with your girlfriends

It was far beyond swell. Infact, there aren't enough adjectives to describe exactly how wonderful it was. In the time that Erin and I have been reading each other's blogs, I've started to think of her a wiser, older sister. Always there with friendly comments and reassuring sentiments. Her blog is a space I love to visit...heartwarming photos of her little guys, thankful thoughts, sharing moments of days that are simply sweet. I could just hug her. :)

I realize I say this frequently, but Blogland is such a lovely place. Although most of us have never met, and are separated by hundreds, thousands of miles...so many of us have similar hearts. Hearts that cause us to stop and see beauty, to cheer strangers, to find meaning in a world that so often doesn't make sense.

Group cyberhug? :)


  1. Hooray! I am so glad your parcel arrived, and that you liked it so much. I had so much fun choosing all the little treats to include, and am really pleased I got them all right. Each and every thing I picked seemed to have you written all over it. Oh, and I just knew you'd love those little pencils!

    I love what you've written. And it was absolutely my pleasure to send some cheer to someone with a heart so much like my own.


  2. PS: I could just hug you, too!

  3. how sweet! that is so fun to get something special! I get exciting when I know what it is...I can't imagine how fun it would be if I didn't know! =)

  4. Lovely package Bethany! How exciting, little goodies are always the best : )

  5. How amazingly nice! I have found blogland an incredibly happy, supportive place as well. Let me get in on that cyberhug too! :)

  6. Yes, the kindness of near-strangers is lovely. Thank you for reminding me of that tonight. And Erin, you seem wonderful.

  7. I am fairly new to Blogger.. but what I am quickly learning is that this blog site contains some amazingly beautiful people!!

  8. Yay that is so amazing! Totally in for that cyber hug, there truly are some amazing people out there!

  9. What a kind and thoughtful package! There are so many amazing people in blogland... it has changed my life forever.

  10. I can one hundred percent agree with you on all accounts in this post!
    I have been truly amazed and very pleasantly surprised by the wonderful peeps out here in blogland too!
    You of course are one of them

  11. as can i agree to all of this about Erin. (it's through lovely her, i met lovely you)

    how CUTE is Erin's kindness? i loved how she explained each thing. Those cards? CUTE AS A BUTTON indeed. She is a thoughtful friend and really a "true friend." I just know that i could count on her for anything and we've never even met. I often refer to her as my personal sun.

    we belong to an amazing community WE created and keep. These connections are some of my cherished relationships.



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