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chandelier017.jpg picture by wakeworkrinserepeat

I did it! I finally bought the KRISTALLER chandelier at IKEA....a beautiful moment that I've been dreaming of for at least two years.

Thankfully, dear old dad helped install it, as IKEA's instructions were pretty opaque. One would think that any product which involved electrical wiring would at least merit a manual with written instructions, but no. Just six pages of standard IKEA pictorials in which one isn't entirely certain if the featured stick man is securing a lamp to the ceiling or assembling a bookshelf...no 23 year old girl should tackle that without a little help from her father.

Overall, I am completely, totally and fantastically in love with it. Its cheery sparkles are the perfect spring "accessory" for the home. :)


  1. What a cheery bit of fun! Love the pillow, too.
    Isn't it nice to have a handy dad available?

  2. What a lovely addition to your little home. I love the patterned pillow too - I can imagine getting comfy on the sofa under the twinkling light for a chat!

    Hope you had a fab weekend.


  3. i love it + i love your little space! takes me back to my college days! :D

  4. Oh Beth...I adore it!!! You should come and redecorate my apartment sometime!

  5. Beautiful! Twinkly perfection for your sweet little place.

  6. fantastic. now we match. i remember many a curse word as we tried to interpret those swedish instructions. definitely worth the effort! it looks beautiful!

  7. Super glam and from IKEA! I love it! Looks awesome in your place.

  8. oh, it's just beautiful! now I want one!

    and yes, dads come in very handy when having to install or build anything! especially Ikea things!

    and checking your car, too, I might add, haha.

  9. I want one too! I'm thinking of getting a chandy for over the dining room table. I wish IKEA was closer. It's over an hour's drive to the nearest one for me.

    I remember when I was in college...my roomate's curling iron broke, and she threw it away! I was kinda shocked at first. I thought she should have at least taken it home for her Dad to look at. If he couldn't fix it then throw it away! It was the first time I realized that not everybody's Dad fixed things!

    My Dad passed away in October and I'm sure the first time my car breaks down I'll just sit and cry my head off on the side of the road! Then I'll call my husband. Then he'll probably tell me to call AAA! Then I'll have to pull myself together and deal! But I won't like it!

    Give your Dad a BIG hug and tell him how very much you appreciate him!

    I love what you've done to your place!


  10. It's so hard understanding the IKEA instructions. We have a coffee table that we are going to put together once I've moved in, and I'm dreading that. Like Jess said, I'm sure many cursed words will come out of our mouths too...challenges make relationships fun, right? :)

    In love with that pillow!

  11. I am in love.

    and I love the pillow in the background too!


  12. Love it! It looks perfect in that room! I love the pillow too.

  13. i heart chandeliers, i have one hanging in my dining room.

    i was thinking of getting the ikea one for my up and coming craft room... what do you think? is there enough light??

    stop by and say hello when you get a chance.


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