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In the past, I didn't shop at Express because, to be honest, their styles seem most likely to flatter only a tiny waif of a woman...and that I am not (view hips above as evidence). But, I'd spotted this top and was in love with it's sweetheart-ish neckline. So, I snatched it in three colors and headed off to the fitting room.

Suddenly, the sales associate who greeted me was throwing piles of dresses, jeans and tops over the fitting room door saying, "I just grabbed a few things I thought would look great on you..." At first I thought she'd mistaken me for another shopper...but everything was in my size, so, I graciously accepted the pile and went to town trying things on...I wound up having such a blast! Sometimes it takes a stranger to push you outside of your fashion comfort zone. The scariest thing that happened in the fitting room was this dress. The funniest thing? A pair of size 6 jeans. Through friendly giggles I told her that she had to be smoking something and requested a comfortable size 10.

Eventually I settled on the Editor Crop jeans, black and white versions of this cami and an adorable cardigan. Cannot wait for the temps to hit the 50's so I can wear these pants...a perfect blend of comfort and class!


  1. Bethany- you look great! love the whole outfit. now you just need a special occasion to wear it to. like to the cities to hit all the anthro clearance racks. :)

  2. You look absolutely stunning Bethany. I adore the cami top and love all the colours it is available in. I often forget to look for sweetheart necklines as they are really flattering.
    Fantastic purchases xx

  3. There's an air of Audrey Hepburn about you in this pic! Ooh la la!

    Love the sweetheart neckline, and capri length pants are my absolute fave. Come on, spring!

    Happy Sunday, beautiful girl!

  4. love love love love LOVE the sweetheart neckline! you look smashing, inspiration to get to the gym....er, quit eating so many calories!

  5. Super cute clothes. You are adorable, I am jealous of that cardigan.

  6. I think these would look cute on you too:


  7. You are an inspiration, Bethany!

  8. ...and thanks for the encouragement!

  9. super cute new look. how do you do it? your self portraits always look styled straight out of an anthro mag. no jokes.

    am craving hostess cupcakes...

  10. This whole outfit is fabulous. You look gorgeous!

  11. how fun. seriously you look GORGEOUS! love the hair up too. how smart of those sales people too right? :)


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