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Silly, but true: The structure for this photo was inspired by a recent tea cup photo over at Swell Life.
Gotta give credit where credit is due...so, thanks for the inspiration, Jess! :)

When I was just a little squirt, my mom shopped at a discount bread store for our weekly carb needs. We'd wind through the scattered rows of the cramped store which smelled like yeast and cardboard, my mom tossing marked-down Wonderbread and discount buns into the squeaky, wonky-wheeled cart. After an agonizing length of time, we'd finally reach my Mecca: two shelves rife with Ding-dongs, Twinkies, Swiss Cake Rolls...every Hostess snack imaginable. Sometimes, when a few extra cents miraculously appeared in the budget, my sweet mother would allow me to pick out one single-packaged treat.

I always chose a Hostess Cupcake. Without fail. Something about that flirty loop of frosting...I just couldn't resist.

I'd not eaten one of these in about a decade and a half...but tonight, eating this sweet treat takes me back to such a beautiful time. A time in which I was a little girl full of crazy, far-fetched dreams, a time when Mommy knew everything, and Daddy was the strongest man in the world.

Hmm...my mom continues to know everything, and my dad remains pretty darn strong. And...I'm still a girl full of just-as-far-fetched dreams. So, I'm certain the only thing that's changed in the last 15 years is the size of these cupcakes. Is it just me, or did they used to be larger?

What gives? :)


  1. They SO used to be bigger!

    This was such a sweet post (that pun was totally unintended!) I haven't had one in years either but I'm definitely craving one (and the memories that come with it) now.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. Liar. We never had Wonderbread. We couldn't even afford the discount Wonderbread!

  3. Yes we did, Dana! Discount Wonderbread!

  4. I agree things used to be so much bigger - cakes especially Fondant Fancies are a prime example here in England!

    I have been fighting the urge to bake all weekend and this is just tempting me more!

  5. I used to do this same thing with my grandma.... or maybe it was my mom... I can't remember because it was a rare treat to go to the wonder bread store.

    I always picked out one of those fruit filled hand pies. Apple or Cherry. I had one again a couple years ago for nostalgia, but it tasted awful. I didn't remember them being that sweet or that soggy.

  6. They used to be way larger. I can't believe how puny Twinkies are these days...

  7. I often think things used to be bigger, but then my mom tells me it's because I was a kid and things just seemed bigger then because I was so small. Not sure if that makes sense to me, but she insists that's the reason lol


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