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Sometimes you think you're being brave and fearless by allowing your heart to be unaffected by the past...by continuing to put it all out there....when infact you're just being silly. To fall back on an-oh-so-handy kitchen analogy: There's a reason why once you've learned that the stove is hot you're much more careful when you use it. Hearts and romance should be the same, yet unfortunately, I haven't quite made that connection. I tend to place my hand, palm side down, directly on the burner for several seconds...and continue to find myself wildly surprised when...(gasp!) it hurts. Then there I sit, with an enormous chai latte in hand, with one more person imprinted on my heart, and I not on theirs...just wondering where I went wrong.

I know I'm overly anxious for a sweet, God-loving man who so desires to know my heart the way I desire to know his. Somedays more than others, it just feels so endlessly far away. But I know that when I find that...if I should find that...it will be amazing. And, all this will make me appreciate him, whomever he is and wherever God has him, so very much more.

However, in the meantime, I am certain that when I arrive on a first date, I should be wrapped in that post-office tape that reads, "EXTREMELY FRAGILE! HANDLE WITH CARE." Perhaps this will draw the needed attention and care to my oh-so-delicate heart. :)


  1. I wish I could help and speed up the process but when it comes to love. It happens when it is supposed to not sooner not later. the only thing I can say is it normally happens when you arent looking. Find yourself right now and your love will find you once he has found himself.

  2. It WILL come.
    I prayed and prayed for mine....went about my life and then one unsuspecting night we met. At a bar!
    Married now with a beautiful babe.
    Enjoy each moment....enjoy the present.

  3. I wish I could write as beautifully as you--I have nothing to add to this post. You know that you'll find a man who will love you the way to deserve to be loved. Darling Bethany...I said a little prayer for you tonight that you will be able to patiently wait for God to send him on the path that will lead him to you.

  4. What a beautiful post Bethany, you write so wonderfully.

    I smiled a little smile though reading this, knowing that it will come for you in due time.

    I too am horrendously impatient so I can sympathise with there.


  5. Where was I when you posted this three days ago?! I seem to have missed it completely. Sorry! I would have been in here, being all big-sisterly days ago had I realized ;~)

    I have no patience whatsoever, so I can totally sympathize with you. I waited (impatiently) for what seemed like forever to find someone to fall in love with who would love me back the way I wanted him to (the way I deserved to be loved)... And I only found him when I was busy being happy doing other things and not looking anymore.

    That's the best advice I can give. Live your life. Have fun. Spend time with friends. Do the things you love, the things that make you happy. Make the most of every minute. Don't waste your wonderful life. Your Mr Right will arrive when you least expect it.

    I met mine on a bus! On a country road in Ireland. Imagine that!

    E xo

    PS: Your writing is just so lovely. You're so eloquent. And your photos? Well, you know I think they're fab!


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