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All of my favorite blogs have been talking about it (here and here, and many, many more), so I tried to resist writing about it for fear that I'd be thought a copy-catter...but I cannot resist any longer.

Liberty of London for Target. Discuss amongst yourselves......Conclusion? Clearly God's gift to women.

Before stepping inside the store, I had sternly allotted myself one Liberty of London purchase. I was not to be swept into financial irresponsibility by a few flirty patterns and flawless color palettes. This proved to be tougher than planned, as I ogled stationary sets, lamp shades, tumblers...narrowing it down was such a struggle! But then this cutie caught my eye--the recent warm temps and my semi-stifling night-time apartment made it my most logical purchase. Truth be told, it was not at all a logical purchase, as I live alone and have absolutely no reason to need to look presentable after 8pm.

But, is it a sin for a single girl to want something fashionable to sleep in? Waking the the morning is much more tolerable when one is greeted by such friendly blooms. :)


  1. I love the liberty of london collection, I want all of it but I settled on a new floral dress for easter. Very cute purchase!

  2. awesome liberty of london!!

  3. definitely just bought that same little nightie. i am horrible beth. i buy a new L of L thing every single time i go to target. and lately i've been making extra lame excuses to make extra trips...

    isn't it so cute and comfy though? perfect for warm spring nights. :)

  4. So jealous we dont have liberty of london here!!

  5. your funny. And I too have been slowly picking up more and more..... I just can't help myself! I didn't even notice they had nighties, guess I better head to Target.

  6. A single gal has the MOST reasons to wear charming and playful sleepwear. It's adorable. I'll have to check out Liberty of London.

  7. It's so pretty. I've completely resisted so far to buy any, but that may change in a couple weeks when my bank account no longer looks so miserable.

  8. I had to put myself on a LOL lockdown. I mean, did I realllly need a gorgeous piggy bank? Or adorable gardening gloves? Noooo.

    So I have to conclude that your purchase is one of the most logical LOL purchases to be made. Job well done!

  9. p.s. true confession: to make matters worse, i bought a LOL little girl dress. for no one. jeff rolled his eyes at me. i told him someone might have a baby girl someday, and if it happens to be us, i will keep it!!!

    also, sorry we didn't get a chance to respond to your question in the post today. i'd already written it when i got your comment. but you've inspired us to make a tips/trips column in the new photo blog, so stay tuned. :)

  10. Bethany that is absolutely gorgeous and so very pretty too!

    What a wonderful treat and you are far more restrained than I could be!

    Hope you have had a great weekend.

  11. That is beautiful. I'd say we should go shopping for more Liberty of London stuff when I get back from South Carolina, but I'll be broke after this trip. ;(

    The good news is that I got you a sweet souvenir. Can't wait to give it to you. Miss ya!

  12. Oooh, I love it. Planning to go to the real Liberty of London this summer! It has been faaaaar too long since my last visit.

    We haven't got any Liberty here in Canada that I know of, so my money will stay put for now!

    Happy Easter weekend, Bethany, and thank you for the lovely birthday comments on my blog. You're the sweetest!

  13. One never needs a reason to be cute and comfortable! (And I can tell how out of fashion I am and how little I go shopping...because I haven't the slightest knowledge of liberty of london...I will have to check it out.)

  14. cute! I love this nightie! and I think it is a totally reasonable purchase. one deserves to look nice at all times, even in bed! :)


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