all wrapped up.

I dig a good casual scarf, but finding one that drapes just right while also offering the needed length and killer color + pattern can be a bit of a task. Prior to this weekend, I'd yet to find a scarf that was a home run.

Enter this Made By Michelle Brusegaard jersey scarf, which I picked up at Craftstravaganza last weekend. Hellloooo, home run! That night I stood in my PJs, conflictingly pondering if I really, really had to take it off. Could I wear it to bed? Eventually I decided that although I was so so so so in love with it, the fear of strangulation should win out.

But, I will admit to wearing it every day since it came into my life. Sooo uncool, but I hardly care. It's fabulous. :)


  1. Love it - and so very you Bethany!

    Gorgeous colour and design.

  2. I need a peacock scarf too. it's adorbs.

    what else didja get???!?!

  3. Poop! Where did you go? Your body has pretty much disappeared! Gorgeous! You go girl!!

  4. Thanks, girls! :)

    Shannon...I made one more purchase. It's adorable. Aaaand, I promise to post a photo soon!

    And Nicki, trust me...my bod is still very much here! Someone once told me that long scarves are very slimming. Perhaps the combo of black shirt and long scarf is lending me some aid in this photo? :) Still rockin' lots of hip action here, that will never change! :)

  5. Gorgeous colors!! You will look great wheresoever your peacock accompanies you.

  6. Love it. And it's just the perfect colour for you!

  7. Love the pattern and color! It looks great on you!
    As for not wanting to take it off- I bought a long gray cardigan a while ago that I've been wearing almost daily because I'm so in love with it...

  8. i must admit I copied you. I headed right to her etsy shop for the last scarf. I love that color combo.

  9. Scarves and t-shirts are my new uniform. You're basically guaranteed to look chic with ABSOLUTELY NO EFFORT. Especially when the scarves are purchased from Old Navy for $10. ;) I LOVE this one, MUST have it!


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