arm candy.

Unbeknownst to me, I'd been living with a gaping hole in my purse-life: a hole that could only be filled by perfectly scribbled clouds, adorably animated furry creatures and a sweet school schoolhouse theme. All wrapped up in a flawlessly constructed aqua bag. I only realized this gaping hole existed after spotting this cutie at Jenna Lou's Craftstravaganza booth...suddenly it was all clear. I knew we were meant to be!

For sure this will bring me many smiles this summer during my college withdrawl. :)

P.S. Promise this is my last post about Jenna Lou. The poor woman's going to think I'm a total stalker. (Psst. I am.)


  1. that fabric is sooo perfect. i love it! woot, woot jenna lou.

  2. Oh my! I am in love with this bag. As an elementary school teacher, I think I have to have it!

  3. You found some amazing stuff that weekend! Love the bags and scarf! I am bummed I didn't make it but it is fun to see the treasures you found.

  4. I teach first grade and that bag looks like it belongs on my arm! :)
    Love the color.love the fabric. LOVE IT!

  5. I might not be teaching at the moment but that would be perfect for school!

    Gorgeous fabric


  6. And it's made even more adorable by the girl who carries it.


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