final project: color found.

Confession: I have a crush on collage. I cannot explain why-something about it is a flirtatious hunt for perfection in color. I think I'd love to live in a vibrant collage world. :)

Given the parameters for my final project in Drawing 2, I wanted to create something to reflect the peace, life and growth I'd found within the classroom. The studio had truly become a place in which I had found color. Even on the most grey, uninspired days.

Pinned on the critique wall, next to the drawings and paintings of my peers, it was minuscule-both in size and ability. Although I'd thrown my heart into it, it appeared I was still in Fingerpainting 101, creating things for my mother's fridge, while my easelmates had created real, true art that fills portfolios. And, as my luck would have it, it was my work that was critiqued first. It was stated that although there were areas of sophistication in my work, where I clearly understood the object, there were also areas of naivety, in which I'd not well reflected light and shadow. Although, I'm quite certain that wasn't a compliment, I couldn't have described myself, or the past year any better. Pieces of naivety, not understanding where a shadow might fall...and how that shadow might touch you more than imagined. But then small patches of understanding, discovering peace or vibrancy in a place where you'd thought there was none.

I remember promising myself in my first drawing class that I'd not be too hard on myself when my work paled in comparison to my peers. And so I framed this. Because...well...I like it. And I'm freakin' proud.

P.S. A peer said my work consistently reminds him of IKEA. I wondered momentarily if that meant my artistry reads as cheap and easily broken...but decided to be flattered instead. :)


  1. I love it. And if it were me, I would totally frame it. And display it with pride.

    You are super-talented, Bethany. And you're only in your first year! Just think of all the beauties yet to be created...

    Thanks for your note on my blog today. I've had a tetanus shot, so my arm aches now too (in addition to my punctured foot!) but at least I won't get lockjaw and die!


  2. Sorry, should have said you've only just FINISHED your first year! Oops :~)

  3. ok, you might think that I am just saying this because I'm your blog friend and all, but I really truly love your collage. before I even read your post, I looked at the image and thought, "wow, that is really pretty. did bethany make it?? where can I get one?"

    seriously! I think it is amazing. beautiful. it reminds me of spring. now, I am no art major, but I think my opinion is just as important. and when I see this collage, I think it looks like you. colorful, cheery, vibrant and perfectly imperfect.

    and I'd take looking like Ikea as a compliment, too. I LOVE Ikea! :)

  4. I love collage too, Bethany! Your project is BEAUTIFUL and you should be very proud. I hope to one day buy a book you've had published. You are a fantastic writer and artist!

  5. Seriously, that piece is incredible! I want to make it mine!!

    Sometimes I think I may sound fake since all I do is come on here and tell you how adorable you and your stuff is but seriously, you are one consistently cute girl!

  6. It's your combination of art and insight that amazes me...
    You've done well.
    You're doing well.
    You will continue to make your mark. Thanks for showing us how it can be done.

  7. I love it! Makes me smile to look at it :-)

  8. i think it is perfect. it reminds me of you. Maybe your peer has a secret love of IKEA. I would take it as a compliment. One time sometime told me my house reminded them of Target..... I wasn't sure how to roll with that one. there's worse things, right?

  9. I love it Bethany! It is absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented! xx

  10. it's peony time - come over and take a look!

  11. Oh my goodness, I love this piece! Congrats on a fantastic final project!


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