lbd illiterate.

One would think that with my affinity for home decor- a colorful frame here, a ruffled throw there- a similar love for accessories would come naturally to me.

But, no girls. Infact it does not. I'm so guilty of owning three pairs of earrings and one set of stackable rings, simply rotating and wearing until they break or are lost.

I talked myself into this simple and sweet black dress, as I had not replaced the one I owned forty-five pounds ago. But, I've found that there are so many accessorizing options, that I'm lost just thinking about it. Statement necklace? Colored or metallic shoe? Skinny belt...flower in the hair...effortless sequin shrug... simple clutch?

Help a girlfriend out. What's the best way to rock a little black dress?


  1. All you need is you to rock that dress. Lookin' good!!!

  2. I hear ya. I'm the same way! I say that dress (looks great on you, btw)just needs a statement necklace and some fierce shoes.

  3. haha you look adorable! I love the nude shoes with it too. I'd go with big fun earrings and a skinny belt.

    I admit, though, I've never rocked a LBD. Although I could use as much (slimming) black as I can get these days!

  4. Whenever I think of Bethany, I think of a lovely shade of turquoise. I think a chunky necklace in an aqua could be just the thing!

    You look gorgeous, necklace or not.

  5. you are too cute. I think you could rock that dress anyway you like and look amazing! that's what's great about an LBD- it is a blank slate. you can dress it up with color or sparkle. and a contrasting belt like red or white. the options are endless! (I'm usually confused because I have TOO MANY accessories... my jewelry box and closet are overflowing!)

    as for me, I usually go the sparkly route because that's just how I roll. big sparkly necklace or earrings, a hefty bracelet. where I like to throw some color is usually in the shoes. I love red heels with a black dress! I hope that gives you some good ideas. but really, you are looking hot already in that photo. work it, girl! :)

  6. Wow!!
    The nude shoes look great, give you a longer leg line.

    I would keep the necklace inside the neckline but you could go classic with a couple strands of pearls or a sparkly lariat or dangly 'y'. I agree with Carissa that a bracelet would be a good choice. It would add interest to the overall look without interfering with the dress itself, which is fierce....
    Have fun!! Is this for just in case, because every girl should have a great lbd, or for a specific occasion? (not that I'm being nosy!)

  7. Cute dress! Love it with the nude shoes! As far as accessorizing- whatever you feel like when you wear it and what feels right for the occasion. Just don't overdo it, when you go with a necklace you don't want big dangly earrings, too.

  8. You know I love you for the giving person you are, but the next time you shed 45 lbs, please don't share! I'm going to have to buy another lbd pretty soon...but sizing in the opposite direction.

    As far as accessories...that's the beauty of an lbd. You could rock it sans-accessory or play it up. I vote one solid statement piece - belt, shoes, OR necklace (please note the use of OR not the use of AND) and if you want, add in some SUBTLE additional accessories. Although, I think a great rule of thumb for an lbd is: Let the dress do the talkin' (aka, don't get so caught up in accessories that you take away from the main event). And your dress is telling some good stories.

  9. YOU are just the CUTEST!!!! i love the nude heels with the LBD and i say pair the statement necklace cos it goes well with the heels!


  10. Oh I so suck at accessorizing! I don't have a single pair of earrings anymore because I always lose them! But I also like simple simple - so there you go! Good reading these comments though!

  11. I'm awful at accessorizing to be honest. I just wear my wedding rings most of the time. Love the dress though.


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