simply lovely.

(My little clutch. Sigh. Isn't she lovely?)

Since returning to school last fall, I'm certain I log multiple hours each week switching from one bag to another: purse to backpack, backpack to laptop bag....back to purse. You get the idea. I'm forever returning to my bag of origin to dig for essential items--lip balm, iPod, keys--usually finding them lost in the depths with broken sticks of charcoal and crumbled receipts. How lovely.

No more. While doing a fair share of irresponsible spending this weekend at
Craftstravagnza, I picked up this adorable little clutch by Jenna Lou Designs. Frankly, I just need a second to sing its praises: Large enough to hold all those fussy items, but small enough to seamlessly slip into a larger purse or bag...its light blue polka-dot interior and the sound of a cheery snap closure just makes me smile. (That is not hyperbole...I'm beaming just looking at it!)

My dear
Jenna Lou--I love you. Endless thanks for making my life both organized and beautiful. :)


  1. That is one gorgeous little bag - and so very you too Bethany!

    The polka dot interior sounds divine as well.

    Hope you are well, nothing better than a spot of shopping.

  2. why haven't I thought of this? Especially now that I have a diaper bag to contend with, also. Great idea (and super adorable clutch).

  3. Love it! I popped over to her shop and now I'm drooling over this one... http://www.etsy.com/listing/45665231/frame-clutch-in-aqua-lattice-medium

  4. Ok you are too charming! Thank you so much for stopping by on Saturday to say hello and pick up a few goodies. It was so nice meeting the girl behind the blog I adore so much.

  5. That little bag is cute, and it's got Bethany written all over it!

    A little bit of irresponsible spending to perk oneself up is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. I'm glad you indulged yourself and bought this!


  6. so cute!! I love it. a very worthwhile purchase, I'd say. I am always digging around in my abyss of a purse for my chapstick, lipgloss, lotion, you name it. maybe I need to get myself an adorable clutch, too! :)

    hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  7. How cute!! I totally need something like it to organize all my purse clutter...

  8. oh I love this. I have bought very similiar ones (or even change purses) for friends but not myself! There is an etsy store I like alot in particular http://www.etsy.com/shop/oktak.

    I JUST cleaned out my butthole of a purse (sorry for that imagery!) and was horrified there was more trash/crap in there than actual needed items. Felt good to do that. AND cleaned out the car today - how awesome was I today? :)


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