the best gifts in life are books.

I've received two books in the past week...absolutely the best gifts. Wouldn't you agree? They're the most intellectually intimate of gifts--almost daring in a way. You have to truly know someone's mind and psyche to sucessfully select a winning book for them. That task has proven to be too daunting for me...the only book I've gifted was a teasing copy of Why Do Men Have Nipples?. For real.

The best book I've received to date was a copy of my favorite read, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. It was from a boy who must have searched endlessly for it, as I believe it was out of print at the time. However, it came to me as a Christmas gift with the sweetest note penciled inside the front page. It still sits on my bookshelf, and from time to time I pull it from the shelf to reread the slightly-crooked, yet endearing boyish handwriting. Such a thoughtful and attentive gift, one which only a boy who knew my heart and mind would have remembered. It still gives me warm fuzzies. :)

How about you, sweet readers? Has anyone ever gifted you a perfect read? Or...a hilariously imperfect read?


  1. Alan buys me books for every single occasion... my birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, our anniversary, Easter... I'm not even exaggerating! He gets it right almost every single time.

    I love giving and receiving books. It's my gift of choice for every child's birthday. Oh, and I usually throw in a toy, too, just in case they're not old enough to appreciate that I've just gifted them with a beautifully illustrated classic!

    PS: Love that photo! You look stylish and lovely, even from behind...

  2. Seriously, even the back of you is cute! Did that sound creepy? haha, sorry.

    Anywho, I adore books. I love giving people my favorite books if I know they'd be into them. John gives me books all the time too. He'll go to the Borders and ask the employees for recommendations based on my faves, it's adorable.

    However, the best one I got recently was called What to Expect When You're Expected...told from the fetus' point of view. HILARIOUS. That's the only type of baby book I like reading.

  3. My senior year of high school, I was a student volunteer for my English teacher, Mr. Banchi.

    In the last week of school he gave me Oh The Places You Will Go with a great dedication written in his beautiful handwriting. I still treasure it :)


  4. Are you gifting me a book? ;) kidding

    If you are, I don't think I could open that beautiful package...

  5. I just had readers of my blog send me some books - so sweet! Cannot wait to read them!

  6. I'm a huge book lover! I just read Roses by Leila Meacham. So good!!

    Happy reading!

  7. Firstly on another note - have you cut your hair Bethany? It looks stunning.

    Back to the books - I would have to say my absolute best gifted book would be the entire Charles Dickens collection given to me by my Uncle when I was around 13 years old! At the time I wasn't so sure but now realise what a fabulous gift it was.

  8. As a librarian I often give books as gifts - especially to kiddos :) It is a careful thing though. There is some pressure to the receiver possibly, but when you get it right it's awesome!


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