it runs in the family.

Growing up, my dad's side of the family was small. There were twelve of us total, and compared with my mother's side of the family which boasted at least forty-five, our family get-togethers seemed tiny. But, what we lacked in size was made up for in decibel. My grandmother loudly reading the menu to my grandfather, my aunt bellowing at misbehaving children and my father shouting, "That's enough!" towards my sis and I as we slyly kicked each other's shins under the table. And then there were the enormous laughs. In my prepubescent awkwardness, I found the din of our crew to be oh-so-embarrassing.

Now that I'm grown, I love that noise. Noise that has switched from parental guidance prompts to even more sweet, sweet laughter. When we're together, usually at my parent's bitty ranch-style home, we rattle the rafters with our giggles...laughing at each other, at inside jokes and at my mom and aunt's strange affinity for boxed wine. Some nights we sit out around a small bonfire, harassing the neighborhood with our howling laughter til all hours...or at least until we run out of S'mores ingredients.

Last night was no exception. When I asked my father and grandfather to snap a photo with me in honor of Father's Day, I got more than I bargained for: they were both more than happy to show off their AARP-inspired footwear. Sitting out on the front step, we couldn't control the giggles! Well, at least I know from whom I inherited my size 10 feet...but the fashion sense? Oh my. I hope that's not hereditary.


  1. This made me smile. : )

  2. I love, love, love this post Bethany. Totally made me smile, and that photo you in between your dad and grandpa is just fantastic!

    We had a fun, noisy, family gathering yesterday too (and would you believe my mom had out the boxed wine as well?) but I didn't manage to get a photo with my dad. Will have to remedy that soon... I wonder if he'll be wearing his socks and sandals? I have a feeling he will!

    PS: I love how often you're posting these days!

  3. omg, they're too cute!

    and maybe a little gift idea for your mom someday, did you know they make boxed margaritas? Alcohol already included? I'm putting one in my hospital bag for the big day.

    oh and I second that emotion of Erin's, I love seeing your blog so high on the list of updates these days!

  4. Ok I have to third the above comments and say that it brings a smile to my face to see a post registering next to your blog in my reader so often recently!

    I adore your picture too - such wonderful memories one picture can hold.

  5. aww, such a sweet post! and funny pictures to boot! love it! I'll never understand the sock and sandal trend, but it sure makes for a great photo :)

  6. p.s. I have been so out of touch I totally missed your birthday! sorry! but I still wanted to say I hope it was fabulous! and don't worry about being old... I still got you beat by a whole year! haha.

  7. super cute post!
    thx so much for stopping by lovelyvélo. very happy to discover your little blog too ;)

  8. adorable. a photo to be cherished.

  9. You are so cute, and this was so funny.

    Definitely going to become a follower.


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