little indulgences.

In high school, my sophmore year English teacher was a hoot. Affectionately named "Sully", he would pounce on the seats of empty desks, screeching literary references while his weighty warden-worthy keychain jingled endlessly on his belt loop. Once, he claimed to have not eaten ice cream in years. He said he had done so as he feared losing control...one bowl would lead to another, which would lead to an entire quart. At fifteen, I thought this theory was crazy.

But, now I see the wisdom in that statement.

Ice cream, in all forms, is my crack. This weekend I bought a box of fat free ice cream sandwiches, and I swear to you, they call to me. Night and day. Um, literally. One night, I woke up at 2am to eat one. Hence the reason I've had to hang the reminder on my freezer.

So, I've decided to replace ice cream with frosty raspberries in the prettiest bowls I can muster. Thankfully, last week my sis gifted me the sweetest set of mistmatched floral bowls. Talk about perfect timing. :)


  1. So yummy! This week we have been enjoying fresh strawberries from the garden by the bowlful. Definitely a satisfying treat.

  2. Good for you! Have you ever tried frozen grapes? They're good too.

  3. Fun fact that I think you'll relate to: my boyfriend calls me the "ice cream goblin" because I always gobble up our ice cream, and then it has disappeared whenever he looks in the freezer a few days later.

  4. I like frozen raspberries with plain non-fat yogurt and a few almonds tossed in. Tasty treat and completely good for you. Maybe not quite as delicious as the ice cream sundaes my three boys are eating, but they haven't got their hips to worry about!

  5. You are totally not crazy on the 'food calling' you idea. I am EXACTLY the same, if I have any 'bad' food in the house it does indeed literally call out to me to be eaten!


    PS: So glad it is not just me who thinks like this xx


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