one. three. five.

I'll admit it: I'm a fridge lurker. Even though I live alone and am perfectly aware of my grocery purchases, every few hours I saunter towards the fridge and stand, entranced by the yellowy, chilly glow...as if somehow within the past two hours a chocolate-chocolate cake has appeared. YES. A chocolate-chocolate cake. 

Now, I realize this sounds ludicrous, but at 9pm on a Friday night, it seems plausible.

I'd comfortably fallen into my new lower weight and bi-hourly dates with my icebox, that foxy thing, until I had dinner with an old friend last week. We sat, catching up and discovering that we were close in weight--both hovering just above a goal we'd wanted to reach for some time. Although we live thousands of miles apart, we excitedly committed to being each other's accountability partners...e-mailing nightly to list our food choices, exercise efforts and weekly, a weight update.

In nine weeks, I'll see my friend again...and more than anything I want to hit that blessed one thirty-five. Originally, I began nearly 60 pounds away from my goal weight. (Do the math, but it's not pretty!) And today, here I sit just 14 pounds away.

So, as tough as it was, I had to break up with my icebox. And, lest I revert to my hot late-night dates with him, I crafted this framed numerical reminder, and hung it right at eye level...


  1. You can totally do it!

    My driver's license says my weight is 135 but, in reality, that's just my goal weight. I'm sure I was there at some point but don't think I've seen it in awhile.

    Love the reminder you crafted for your fridge!

  2. Love Love Love the little reminder on your fridge!! I am very proud of you and you look wonderful, but I always thought you looked wonderful:)

  3. I love it Bethany! Great magnet, great reminder, great post! My goal has always been 132 (which I met last August!) and over the past few months I've crept back up to 137. I really want to drop those last 5 pounds and feel fantastic this summer. Time to get back to watching what I eat, making healthier choices, and hitting the gym regularly again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Bethany, YOU CAN DO IT! :) You've come this far and you look FAB! But oh how incredible you'll feel when your reach this goal! I love your fridge reminder. I think I'll make one for each of my three daughters who are doing Weight Watchers with me. From a fellow fridge/pantry lurker...popcorn or kettle corn(94%fat free)has often saved me from caving!(3 points~the whole bag!)

    So remember...The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph! Marvin Phillips

    Blessings and prayers for stick-to-it-iveness! :)

  5. I love that you framed the number on the fridge. You really are something special Beth ;)

    Keep on truckin' lady. You'll make it!


  6. It's the cutest reminder ever too!

    I KNOW how flipping hard this struggle is and I also KNOW you'll make it and soon too!

  7. i know i've already said this, but you are my inspiration! though i am not awesome at math, it sounds like you started out about where i am now.

    i've finally gotten serious about going to the gym and watching what i eat, so hopefully i'll join you at your target weight soon. (fingers crossed)

    p.s. from looking at your photos, i would have thought you were way below your target. tiny cute girl!

  8. oh beth, do weight loss programs get any cuter? doubtful. you are darling as ever. here's to the countdown!

  9. Bethany you have done so well! Congratulations on your success thus far. I love the idea of that magnet on the fridge - so much nicer to look at than a photo too.

    Keep going - you can do it!


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