a little romance.

A sneaky someone sent flowers to my office yesterday...I can't receive flowers without blushing endlessly.

Of these three truths, I am aware:

1. Finding love through a reality TV show is as likely as...well, it just doesn't happen.

2. Every second of reality TV is over-produced, over-styled and completely removed from reality, killing a minimum of 70 brain cells and 2 precious hours per episode.

3. The bed-hopping, multiple-partners situation is all a tad sleazy for this 24 year old, abstinence-believin', virgin. (Call me old fashioned.)

...but I cannot help it. I'm waiting with baited breath, hopelessly wondering: Who will receive the final rose?!? Choosing between dark, hunky Roberto and sweet, lovable Chris is bound to create a nail-biting, watch-worthy episode of The Bachelorette this Monday night. If were me, it's Chris all the way. Tall, goofy, family-oriented and intelligent...has there ever been a bachelor more weddable? So sweetly genuine and sensitive...I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a little celeb crush on that boy.

Put a ring on that, Ali!

Do you watch? If so, who's your man?


  1. Beth...I couldn't agree more on CCC (Cape Cod Chris.) I wish we all lived closer, so we could have a big Finale party! Without a doubt, I will be cheering for Chris next week!

  2. I would have gone with one of those guys who had girlfriends back home. At least you know they can handle being in a relationship. Sort of...

  3. A guy that I went out with recently called me "old-fashioned" and I told him that I preferred retro.

  4. I must admit I gave up on the Bachelorette a few years back, when I was annoyed with the end result (it was SO obvious who she should have chosen, and she didn't! foolish girl...) Anyway, I've only seen a few bits and pieces on the tv screens at the gym. That Justin guy was a creep, non?

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Bethany! Oh, and I loved that library ad you sent me. Hilarious!

  5. I need her to pick Roberto.

    Because then Cape Cod Chris can be the next Bachelor and he can be on my TV screen for another season! ***swoon***

  6. ugh. i have watched...and since i have wondered as i forgot to tune in last week. i would say chris...but i kinda hope that she doesn't pick him because i think she'll break his heart in the end....sigh. you know how these shows go....and he just seems so sensitive....she better mean it if she chooses CCC!

  7. Well, you already know who I want cuz I text you during the show... But CHRIS, def CHRIS!

  8. haha, I love this post. your three truths are oh so true but I can't help watching either!! and I FINALLY caught up this week. I was about 3 or 4 episodes behind at one point but hulu came to my rescue :)

    I am torn because I love Roberto and Chris equally! Roberto is freakin hot, let's be honest, and I think he is a sweetheart too, but yes, Chris does have that goofy, kind, momma's boy (in a good way) personality that makes my heart melt too. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

    p.s. your flowers are beautiful! lucky girl!

  9. Regardless of who she picks, I'm going to be so disappointed if I see some ugly breakup story on all the magazine covers in a couple weeks.

  10. I agree with Jen. Love Chris, but Roberto is so cute too! I just hope she chooses someone! I'm scared that she doesn't, I dunno I've been told that something big happens!


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