Being of the curvier variety, strapless tops are usually on my "don't" list--label me loony but nothing frightens me more than the possibility of spilling out of my top. Oh, lord! But this little Anthro cutie is fitted to perfection-allowing even the semi-endowed among us to finally experience the sweetness of the sweetheart neckline. I threw on a cropped black cardi to keep things office appropriate, but whipped that baby off as soon as it was quitting time. Today's strapless pull-up count? Zero.

Where I once gawked at Anthro's pricetags, I'm slowly becoming a believer in picking up nostalgic investment items from the cramped markdown rack. Items that make me feel a smidge flirtier, flouncier and oodles classier. There is simply something to be said for the quality and sweet ingenuity of the designs.

And the fitting rooms? Hellllooo, flattering lighting...Am I the only one who feels like a trillion bucks post-Antho-fitting-room?

P.S. Thanks so much for all your sweet wishes on my upcoming Irish adventure! I'll be certain to load this place up with photos upon my return. :)


  1. I am always hearing such wonderful things about Anthropologie... but alas, we don't have it here in Canada! I wonder if they've got one in London?

    You look gorgeous in this adorable top! I hope you'll pack it for your Irish adventure ;~)

  2. You look amazing! Hope its warm enough in Ireland to wear that cute top.

  3. Well it sure looks smashing on you. I'm still terrified of strapless tops. I just could never find a flattering one so I don't try anymore. Wishing we had an anthro in my town!!

  4. That top fits you perfectly! You look FAB! :) (You must be very close to your goal weight if you aren't already!)
    My husband and I have only TALKED about going to Ireland. I think it’s time to put our money where our mouth is! I'll be looking forward to every detail! Who knows, maybe you'll inspire me to get myself a passport! I am so happy for you to be going on this wonderful adventure!
    Thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog. I went back a few posts and left a comment on your “my battle “ post.

  5. Bethany, you look stunning in that top - it really suits you. It is gorgeous I love the colour. I have a sweetheart neckline for my wedding dress but with sleeves - I am not so brave as you!

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend.

  6. I love that top! So pretty. I'm going to Chicago in a few weeks and I'm excited to go to Anthropologie!

  7. agreed. i just bought my first dress from anthro for a wedding last weekend. it had pockets. and looked cute. hello new home for my lens cap!

  8. I totally agree. A couple splurges (from the sale rack) are completely worth it! It adds so much personality to your wardrobe.

    I must say, your trip to Ireland sounds so romantic. Surprises, adventure, and crazy stories are bound to happen. I love adventures- and spontaneity. I can't wait to hear all about it.


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