(Please forgive this wobbly photo. Life has not provided much time for fabulous-photo taking of late.)

I am a nervous Nellie. A worry wart.

The anxious side of my personality comes into play most when I travel-leaving home base opens one up to a plethora of opportunities to drop the ball. A forgotten toothbrush, an unprinted reservation confirmation...currently my largest fear is work-related. In five years, I've never been absent from work for more than a week, I believe, and although I'm not at all important at the agency for which I work, I dread the thought that my absence, or more likely forgetfulness of a little detail, may cause a problem of epic proportions. But I suppose thinking one is important enough to ever do anything "of epic proportions" is a tad narcissistic.

This afternoon I leave town to meet up with the females in my fam for our annual ladies weekend...this is serving as an excellent packing trial run, as I'll return home Sunday night, wash my laundry, refold it, locate any previously forgotten items and throw it all back into my suitcase. I'll snuggle up in bed for a few precious hours and then, at 3am, I'll be greeted by my alarm, telling me that finally, today is the day that I start my trip to Ireland. I cannot wait to hear that alarm.

For now, I find myself in a constant state of "Oh!" as I remember little items- an extra camera battery, my tripod, a journal-that a girl needs on a vacation which takes her across the pond. Most importantly, I've been reminding myself constantly to remember my passport. As long as I have that, I'll make it. Toothbrushes, mascara, flip flops...these things one can purchase internationally.

But the passport? That's the golden ticket.

P.S. My travel companion just texted to say he's onboard his flight out of Baghdad. Apparently leaving Baghdad is a multi-day process...requiring numerous flights and connections. Whew. Thankfully leaving Eau Claire, Wisconsin, proves to be much easier.


  1. omg, the time is here! I am so ridiculously excited for you! and I'm shaking my fist at my belly because I have a feeling he or she isn't going to be here before you leave!

    Seriously, have the best time ever, I know you'll be back with the most beautifully written accounts of your adventures. And pictures of Ireland? You will totally do that place justice! I can't wait!

  2. Yay you must be so excited to be leaving! I know what you mean about bein paranoid about forgetting something, I was like that before I went overseas recently. I also arrived at the airport 4 hours early because I was so scared about missing my flight haha.
    Worry aside though, I hope you have an amazing time. I can't wait to read all about it.

  3. You got me all excited and nervous for you! Have the best trip ever, I can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. I'm a total nervous nellie when it comes to traveling and my biggest advice to you is...write everything down. Each and every time you have a thought about something you'll need...write.it.down. This way you can cross things off as you go and will ensure nothing of importance is left behind. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

  5. I can't believe it's Irish time already!! Weeee.

    I am so looking forward to your return so I can hear all your stories and see your charming photographs.

    Maybe (just maybe) by then I'll have my wedding blogs up.


  6. WeeeEeeEe! It's almost here! So excited for you. Enjoy every minute. We can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. Bon voyage Bethany! The only thing I forgot on the trip to London was my mascara (egads! thank goodness for Boots in the Gatwick airport!)

    I can't wait to hear about the wonderful time you're going to have. xoxo

  8. Oh this is it! You are going to have an amazing time :)

  9. i can't beleive you are already leaving! enjoy your trip! I can't wait to hear all about it and see all of your photos! have a great time!

  10. I have this reoccuring bad dream that I forget my passport! Bethany, I am so excited to read about this trip. I have been saving it up since I have not been blog reading (or writing) lately. You might think - eh, if she was really excited she would log on with each post. But I am excited!!! Just sleep deprived with the babies and mothering!


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