channeling seuss...badly.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Why have I no words at all?
Nothing sweet or even witty,
Nor a photo of something pretty.

My mind is filled with little things,
Itineraries and what to bring.
Seconds...minutes...hours tick by
Oh, how I wish that time would fly!

Five more days and I will soar
Grab my bags, be out the door.
I'll fly, fly, fly all through the night
And land in gorgeous Irish light!

But tonight it's life in U.S.A...
Tomorrow morning, another day
Meetings...e-mails...conference calls,
Will I finish before nightfall?

Mirror, mirror speed up time,
So I can stop this silly rhyme,
It's taking oh-so long it seems,
I guess I'll just sit back and dream...


  1. You're a poet... did you already know it?

    Just popping online to say hello and tell you I spotted Anthropologie from aboard a double decker yesterday afternoon! Am definitely going back there soon...


  2. Nice.

    I prefer to work in free verse, though:

    I'm a poet
    And was unaware
    Of that fact.

  3. Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    I miss my Bethy down the hall.
    Lucky for me
    There now lives a Dana Marie!

    At times she's a couch monster
    Watching movies that won't haunt her
    While you're across town in your apt so neat
    Every day for you is wake, work, rinse, repeat!

    And always remember those sacred words spoken by the fish in the "Cat in the Hat"....
    "He should not be here, said the fish in the pot. He should notbe here when your mother is not!"

  4. where oh where did you ever find such an awesome mirror?


Every time you comment, a unicorn gets his wings. Also, my phone beeps and your words bring me joy. :)


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