complete exhaustion.

(A bedroom at Bunratty Castle...with which I am in love.)

Yesterday I experienced one moment of travel exhaustion so severe I wanted only to crawl into bed and stay there for days. I didn't even want to eat. (Something had to be wrong, right?) Each day for the past two weeks has held a minimum 3-5 hours of travel by plane, car or boat, and some days up to 23 hours of travel. I've existed in four different time zones, and the world hasn't stopped spinning long enough for my brain to grasp any long-term concept of time. I keep waking up at 3:30am, unsure of the time, yet finding myself unable to fall back asleep. Then I just lie there, waiting for the sun to rise, meaning it is a respectable time for me to wake. This morning, I made the travel companion sneak out of the house with me before 7am, walk to the grocery store and cook breakfast while the house rested under a blanket of sleepy haze.

Even with all the jet lag, the travel exhaustion and the presumed 4 pound weight gain, I don't regret this trip a bit. The last few weeks of my life have, without a doubt, been the most incredible of my existence. From the rush of Boston, to the beauty, charm and simplicity of Ireland, to the comfort of catching up with my emotional Siamese twin in California...nearly every moment has been epic and memorable.

God bless people who dare you to take chances, live outside of the box and help make your dreams come true.

God also bless my own little twin size bed and my peaceful bitty apartment waiting for me back in Wisconsin. :)

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  1. Welcome home dear Bethany! What an amazing adventure you've had. Me too, and I am beyond exhausted. It's going to take me a few days to settle back into a normal routine. Good thing I don't go back to work until next Tuesday, because my brain is pretty mushy right now and wondering just what time zone it's in!

    Enjoy settling back in to your little apartment, and sleeping in that cozy twin bed. Sweet dreams!


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