a million miles.

I once read a book titled A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. For the record, the book is stellar and yes, a must-read. But, I was lost in the title, not quite entirely sure what it meant...even after I'd devoured every last page.

Now I know--the author could only have been referencing international flights. Traveling a million miles in what feels like thousands of years. Truly, the title implies something much heavier than that, and I'm certain it has a weightier meaning, but today it means one thing: Jet. Lag. After approximately two days of travel, one day beginning at 3am and the following day and evening simply flowing non-stop into the next morning, time stamped only by fasten seat belt lights and bumpy turbulence, my travels have officially snuck up on me. Five planes in two days have left me looking more pale than I thought possible, even for a milky-skinned girl like myself.

(We stumbled across a 15th century castle today while strolling through a park. Only in Ireland...)

But, Ireland is...there are no words. Words I love, and will claim to know them well (even if I truly don't). But no one word can accurately describe a land this lush, and these city streets, such a kaleidoscope of colorful brilliance. I was commenting to my travel companion that there are some places for which I've decided there are no words, no photographs, no way to properly, or clearly replicate the experience. These places can only be done justice by looking someone squarely in the eyes and firmly, while smiling, saying: "You must go. You simply must."

(We spent time in downtown Killarney, pure Irish heaven.)

We arrived in Shannon, Ireland early this morning, and following a 2 hour drive to Killarney, needed to find away to whittle away 4 hours before we could check into our hotel. Blessed Killarney's brick sidewalks paved our way through colorful downtown, to a little cafe with the most delicious, and needed, lattes, and BLTS...yes, BLTs, at 9:30am. Delicious. My heart is full, and my eyelids heavy. I cannot wait to share more, when my brain and fingers allow for it.

I've included a few photos...but, suffice it to say: You must go. You simply must. :)


  1. ooo how fun! I'm looking forward to all your amazing pics! =)

  2. Look at those little houses all lined up in a row. Pure perfection! So much is waiting to be discovered on this trip of yours!

  3. ohhh man Beth, you're right, I NEED to be there. I am so glad you are though!

    and thanks for thinking of me in my namesake :)


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