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Yesterday saw another day in Killarney, and a trip to the Blarney Stone. I'd always assumed the Blarney Stone would be just a silly tourist trap,but it was incredibly worth the trip. A mere 80 km from Killarney seemed like an easy morning trip...however we had forgotten that Ireland's strange (and now slightly less endearing) road situation would mean our trip would be not be an hour, as it would in the states, but instead closer to 2.5 hours. Again, worth every minute...even the ones spent clogged up in traffic in little towns I can barely pronounce.

My travel mate,the poor man, is charged with snapping my touristy photos at our destinations and has commented on my ability to shamelessly and effectively rock a pose in nearly every photo. I'm certain that this is only because I'm narcissistic enough to have discovered in advance what poses hide my at-times lumpy body, making me look deceptively smaller than I am. (Which doesn't at all mean that I look 'small' or 'thin'...just smallER than I really am.) He thinks I'm full of it, and somehow believes I look 'perfect-size' in real life and in photos. Didn't I strike it rich in travel companion-land? Catching him on film is nearly as difficult as spotting a leprechaun here on the Emerald Isle, but somehow I convinced him to pose for this photo. I've told him I'm going to refer to him only as Muscles...look at those pipes! Meow! (Or whatever you're supposed to call out to muscly men.)

I continue to say, "The Irish know how to do blue." Every shade of aqua, teal and blue is represented on the city streets...a dreamland for a girl who has been hopelessly in love with aqua for years. This little window box of flowers sat an arms length away from me yesterday as we were jammed in traffic...somewhere between Blarney and Killarney. Gorgeous. If I'd been ballsy enough, I could have plucked a flower from it.

Last night was our final night in Killarney, so we decided to forgo dinner and feast on dessert. Desserts have looks so sexy and tempting the entire time we've been here, but we've been entirely focused on chips and bangers and mash that dinner has left us bloated enough to overlook dessert. Not last night. We ordered three desserts. The poor little Irish boy who served us gave us a confused eye and said, "So....just three desserts?" I replied with an embarrassed, but satisfied, "Yes. Sadly enough, yes." They were incredible.

Must quickly post...as the travel companion hates photos of himself. He's in the room, and I cannot let him see this, or I will be instructed to destroy this photo. Also, its nearing 10am...life is about to start in downtown Killarney, and I will not leave this place without a final custard slice from our baker of choice!

Happy weekend. :)


  1. I think Muscles McGee would be a fitting name...

    Just a thought. Glad you're having fun!

  2. Bethany... I am LOVING these posts from Ireland! Where are you headed after Killarney?

  3. Wow- what an amazing trip you are on. I love the turquoise window box and of course, that last picture of you and the desserts....you are my kind of girl!

  4. Killarney is where my family is from!

    I am so glad you are updating as you go! I was so afraid I was going to have to wait till you returned to hear all about this magical trip


  5. Oh I love seeing these pictures. It looks gorgeous! I hope the rest of your trip goes well. Enjoy every ounce of it! I second LB- so glad you're posting while away. I know what you mean about too many pictures after a trip-and organizing them as you go. It's way too overwhelming!

  6. Thank you for more gorgeous pics. I'm assuming you kissed the blarney stone right? And um, travel companion? HEL-loooo.


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