lessons in ireland.

(Me, on the Dingle Peninsula.)

Day two here in Ireland...and although I'm an unexplainable mix of exhausted and inspired, my brain still cannot find words to describe exactly how beautiful this entire experience is. (I'm certain ending a sentence with "is" is not at all grammatically correct. Watch me not care, for once, Internet!)

Currently, we're staying in Killarney, a sweet little city in south western Ireland. It's the sweetest place I could ever dream up, and that's hardly hyperbole. We've already found and visited our favorite baker twice (or three times?), and tonight I'm praying she whips up another batch of whatever I ordered today. This morning, we left our favorite village and took a little day trip out to the Dingle Peninsula (insert your inappropriate sexual joke here), a place that has been my cell phone background for approximately two years.  (Dreams do come true! Keep saving those gorgeous places as your desktop background, office monkeys...maybe someday, you'll go!) The drive was about two and a half hours each way, but most definitely paid for itself in breathtaking seascapes and landscapes. But, oh, the things we learned:

Lesson One: Road signage in Ireland is epically impossible. Don't plan on searching for street names, as they're rarely visible.

Lesson Two: The rented Irish GPS cannot find anything but Dublin no matter how you search. Travel with an iPhone. (We did.)

Lesson Three: Dark chocolate ice cream + raspberry sorbet is an amazing marriage of two frozen treats...especially in gorgeous coastal Dingle.

(Chilly ice cream in chilly Dingle.)

Lesson Four: Multiply any estimated drive time by 1.25. Unimaginably teeny roads (even on highways) means meeting any traffic requires one driver to pull over to a complete stop, and allow the other to pass. This is fun for the first twelve times. It also means that should you get behind a jaunting car...it's gonna be a while, folks.

Lesson Five: Shepard's Pie in Ireland is still just as frightening as it is in the states.

(Yes, that's me...and a pile of ground beef. There's a moment that you'll never see again...)

Lesson Six: I am in love with this beautiful place, and am bound to cry when I leave. I've promised myself that I'll not yet think about that moment. Perhaps the breathtaking scenery and romance of Ireland is making me a tad emotional, but after only two days, I do believe this place is forever imprinted on my heart.

Terrible pie, and all. :)


  1. I had that exact gelato/sorbet combo at the Twins game last time I went. But I bet it tastes even better in Ireland...

    So happy to see you made it and are enjoying every moment (even the ones with hamburger on your plate!)

  2. It looks like you're having a great time. Your pictures are gorgeous. It makes me want to pack my bags and go. Have a great rest of your trip!

  3. Dear Beth, ending a sentence with "is" does not create any grammatical problems.

    Who is in Ireland? She is.

    Just right...

  4. The Jaunty Car experience reminds me of driving in Amish Country. You could always tell the regulars from the tourist. Regular's pass the Amish horsedrawn carriages, tourist don't.

    I am rather jealous of you right now. ;~}

  5. You are totally doing this trip right! And your outfits are so cute!

  6. I haven't visited your blog in so long, and I loved everything I see when I came back :)
    I am wishing I was in Ireland right about now!!! You look great!!!

    Enjoy, you will definitely be in tears when you leave!


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