something pretty.

(Photo shot in the Beacon XV Hotel in Boston. The place is incredible.)

While in Boston two weeks ago, I stayed within a twenty minute walk of Anthropologie. The weather was 90 degrees and muggy, but needless to say, that happened. A little sticky weather wasn't going to keep me away. For some time I'd been online creepin' on this dress, but without a reason to wear it, or without the ability to try it in person I wasn't about to splurge. The original plan in Boston was to hit up a well-known magnificent restaurant and indulge like crazy. The day of, nothing in my suitcase seemed fantastic enough, and my eyes began to roam, convincing me that the lavendar, detailed number I'd packed wasn't special enough for dinner. The travel companion easily coaxed me to hit the fitting room...and well, I fell in love. With the dress, that is. (Don't get all excited ladies.)

We wound up cancelling dinner and ordering room service: BLT's with french fries...possibly the best decision of the trip.

But, curvy girls rejoice! I think this dress was made specifically for the non-linear among us! Normally a size 8-10, I immediately went for the small. Even on the hanger I could tell this dress was roomy. Perhaps it was the feel-good Anthropologie fitting room, but I loved it on. Jersey makes it light, made to bear summer nights, but the top is detailed enough to be appropriate for a a low-key wedding or event.

Now, to find an occasion...


  1. so pretty! I want to see you IN it! :) I'm sure you look gorgeous. when I was in San Fran I was tempted to go into the Anthro there... it looked amazing, much better than my local one, but suffice to say, MY travel companion was less than eager to go "window shopping" for an hour. haha.

    oh, and BLTs with french fries do sound like a FABULOUS decision! :)

  2. p.s. I have SO much catching up to do! I missed all your Ireland travel posts! so so sorry! ugh, why do I have to work all the time? can't I just read lovely blogs like yours? :)

    p.p.s. I still have yet to post about MY travels to San Fran! oh life, getting in the way of blogging.


  3. Bethany! Just catching up with everything in your blog now! How fantastic that you made it to Ireland (and am so excited to hear about this boy!!). It looks like you had only time for Kerry! I really hope you enjoyed it! Next time you come, you will have to visit Dublin and of course my favourite, Connemara!! I am off again to Connemara for 2 weeks on 18th Sept and hope to post from there with some nice pictures! I am excited to hear more about your trip and this lovely young gentleman who is making a star appearance in your life these days!

  4. Oh, gosh, I love your blog! Can't wait to read more!

    Also-- freakin' wear that dress anywhere; you don't need an occasion, it's so cute! :)


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