truer words...

I have always loved these words from e.e. cummings, they only become more true as I become older. For months I've been trying to find a way to incorporate them into my home, finally landing on customizing a free wedding invite download from Download and Print. Easy peasy. If you're in the market for invites, or word art, and have access to a color printer, be sure to check out that site. Totally devoid of cheesy clip art and 80's inspired rose-and-ring invites, but best of all-a 100% free dowload straight to your computer in a tidy Word document.

Speaking of growing up, today marks my 5th anniversary at my job-my first grown-up job with a desk, business cards, vacation time and a 401k (or is it a 401b? Hmm.). Oh, and sweet co-workers who laugh lovingly as I worry about my biological clock, stress about the latest man-drama and hefty student loans. When you're single, you celebrate anniversaries with your job, your apartment, your car, your school. It may sound lonely, but it really isn't. It just makes for that much more celebrating, and no need to buy anyone gifts.

Well, except for myself. :)

On your journey to who you are today, what was your most courageous move?


  1. My most courageous move was probably becoming an Au-Pair right after high school. 12 months of living with a family you didn't know before except from emails and a few phone calls, and being responsible for their children, and all that in a country you've never been to and where you don't know anyone makes you grow up and very much influenced who I am today (and who I am becoming). Best year of my life :)

  2. love the quote. but the paper frame really makes it.

    my biggest leap of faith: definitely the move to san francisco, homeless and unemployed. can't say that i'd do it again, but i can say that i don't regret a single second of it!

    and woot-woot on the fairy godmother sky-diving. i would have been sooo happily grounded with a book and a babe too!

  3. First off: am I dreaming? Two Bethany posts in one day? I'm blissful happy to come to your blog twice.

    I'm so glad you found that quote--it's one of those step-back-and-think quotes that only truly gifted people can write.

  4. I totally celebrate my work anniversary!! I'm a cheeseball too :)

    As strange as it might sound, the most courageous thing I ever did was break up with JEGs. I know.. jigga what? About 3 years ago, I felt like I was too comfortable with him. We had been together 6+ years and I wasn't sure if I still loved him or if I was with him out of comfort.

    After 5 months of dating around, I realized I was comparing every guy to him-- and they were loosing miserably. It made me realize he was the best thing in my world, so with tail tucked under, he took me back.

    Happy 5th Anniversary :)


  5. thanks for the good tip on the download. And I have to ask, are you happy with tonights Bachelorette outcome????

  6. I love all your recent posts, Bethany! If only I had more time to comment on all of them...

    This is a great quote. The most courageous thing I ever did was pack up and move to Quebec after I finished university. I completely immersed myself in the French language and stepped WAAAAAY out of my comfort zone. It was the best thing I ever did. Taught me to be brave and independent and to believe in myself. And in a roundabout way, it led me to England for the very first time...

    How many days till Ireland?!?!?!?


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