weighing in: the damage.

In hindsight, I should have temporarily renamed this blog B Eats Her Way Through Ireland. When I first planned for a trip to Ireland, I foolishly believed that due to my vegetarian tendencies, I'd have a tough time finding food. Through the grapevine, I'd also heard that Irish food was rather, "Meh." Oh, how wrong these reviews were! I have eaten anything and everything in sight: Four course meal in-flight? Demolished. Turndown service with a chocolate? Do come in! Ooo...is there a BLT on the room service menu?! Can I get a side of chips with that? They make Irish fudge? How yummy! Yes, why not try the chocolate cake?

My travel companion has a metabolism the speed of the Autobahn, and is blessed enough to be able to eat as he pleases. I've been living under the illusion that I can do the same. I cannot. But I have no restraint to do otherwise.

I swear to you, girls (and the occasional stray male reader) my trousers are tighter. I'm doing that thing, where you pull your pants up over your belly in an attempt to sidestep any appearance of muffin top. I'm certain it wasn't there before. I feel noticeably paunchier. And yesterday, I got winded while walking up a small hill. Now, the logical portion of my brain is attempting to convince me that it's impossible to gain a visible amount of weight in seven days, and perhaps I'm just experiencing imaginary guilt weight. Is it normal to feel so...enormous during and after vacation? I tend to fixate on numbers, so I'm not letting myself near a scale or measuring tape. My curiosity would get the better of me, which might only land me in a teary heap on the bathroom floor. Thanks to all your input I've decided that I will bear the thunder thighs in California, but will not allow myself to cry if I have to size up when purchasing a suit. (Yes. I will brazenly admit to being that delicate.)

Approximately a week of vacation remains, but I'm already scheming about what my plan of attack will be upon returning home, lest I continue my streak of indulgences. What's your trick for dealing with the caloric sins that so often a vacation brings? Hit the gym more often in the weeks following? Detox diet upon returning home? Decide not to care?

Do tell.

Must go. I'm on a layover, and spotted a Ben and Jerry's while deplaning. Not...even...kidding.


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  2. I sometimes make myself believe that I have a killer metabolism... never works :D
    As for the vacation weight, when I get back home I'll just continue with my regular eating habits. I just see a vacation as a little vacation from my diet as well :D Really, don't feel too guilty and enjoy your vacation and the food that you won't have back at home!

  3. oh, Bethany, you make me laugh!
    I'm glad your vacation experience has been so complete. Enjoy your last week, the ocean, the food, the opportunities and perspectives you've gained. You just fulfilled a dream - you've been to Ireland - cut yourself some slack...

  4. this is vacation girl! enjoy it and have that ice cream AND don't punish yourself for it. This is a once in a life time opportunity, when you get home you can get back into a routine of healthy eating, but for now allow yourself some fun!

  5. Beth, I think your blog is fascinating. I also think you've given a true but sad example of the damage our overly body-conscious society unleashes on girls (and some guys). It's sad that girls of all sizes (myself definitely included) feel bad about themselves when we aren't the size we think we should be. Live ends up being not as fun, so I say enjoy your vacation food because you know that it won't be waiting for you at home. Then you can regain control of what you eat but still have the delicious memories :)

  6. i love this photo....beautiful! enjoy all indulgences that your vacation brings you and when you get home have no guilt! just get back to your normal routine and have no worries....
    hope you are having the time of your life!


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