Hair, I've learned, will never come easily for me.

At age two, springy, course curls erupted all over my little head. My mother, unsure what to do with it all, trimmed it into a dirty blonde halo which floated around my chubby, smiling face. This was endearing until I was six, after which explaining why I, a Caucasian girl in the midwest, had an afro was somewhat difficult. The years which followed were flashes of frizz, mullets and one steady stream of uncontrollable mane.

Three years ago, I visited the salon to dye my locks. I asked for brunette...purple is what I got. After the salon's numerous stripping treatments and cover-up jobs, I'd had it. Not only did I have aubergine tresses, but they were falling out of my head with the faintest touch. An awful cut just months after this incident left me looking like an electrocuted poodle. And that was it. In 2007, I gave up on trading my hard-earned dollar for stylized disappointment. I couldn't remember the last time I'd left the salon feeling like I'd gotten my money's worth, or even my time's worth. I fell into an easy and safe routine: I'd trim my ends when they began to look mangy, and mix my own dye when I needed a touch up. In between it was business as usual: wash and wear...and flat iron, iron, iron.

Oh, the damage a girl can do to her own tresses. I knew it was bad. They were lackluster and my split ends had turned to split strands. But, for years I'd convinced myself that it was better to do damage by my own hand than pay for another to do it for me. Today, I finally gave in. The damage was irreparable, and I needed help. So, I went back to the one salon that's ever done me right. At least an inch and a half had to come off to shock my locks back to life, my stylist told me. This was particularly heart-wrenching as I've spent years dreaming of long, wavy, effortless locks. And the years have never brought them to me. But, the snipping had to be done, so I crossed my fingers and placed my trust in the very talented scissors of Kiersten. Within minutes she had whipped up a batch of brunette perfection, and I was cooking. And the finished product, although not long, luscious locks, was surprisingly livable. More than livable, rather likeable. And not at all purple. The exact shade of brunette I'd hoped for, cute new bangs and a sweet, shorter 'do.

I've crossed my heart that I'll take better care of my locks-using a heat-protectant when I straighten and following through with regular check ups with Hair Dr. Kiersten. It's a whole new me. And maybe--just maybe, if I'm good, year 25 will bring me the tresses I so desire.

They say healthy hair grows 6 inches a year, right? :)

Behold the new 'do. And, a very sweet boy sent me flowers on Friday...it was his birthday, and he wanted to thank me for making the end of his 33rd year, and birthday, incredible. Should I keep him? :)


  1. this romance keeps getting better and better! :) Love your hair. Same curly woes until I found the wet-to-straight (or something like that) iron at Target last fall. Magic! Can straighten my hair in 30 minutes from wet which is a freakin' miracle OR curly dry in 10 minutes.

  2. Can I just say, how in the world do you get such lovely photos of yourself? Do you have a tripod? A roomie? Do tell!

  3. i love it- and your previous post was super fun. you are a gifted writer - i always look forward to your posts.

  4. yes! yes! keep him! and keep that hair style. i am loving it. super darling, frames the face. :)

  5. My sister made it to your blog!! I'm glad she could make you feel beautiful. She does do amazing work! Love the new do...and keep the man!! He sounds amazing as well!


  6. The hair is very flattering. (I can never understand how a great cut grows out in about 3 weeks while a bad haircut takes months, many months, to reach a point where it can be fixed!?)

  7. That hair cut is fab. You look beautiful! I'm finding it hard to imagine you with an afro Bethany. Waves, yes. But an afro? No!

    Love how lovely this new man of yours is. Keep him!

  8. The last photo is perfect Bethany!

  9. Oh my goodness, you are stunning Bethany!! That hair cut and color are gorgeous on you!!
    And definitely keep him!!

  10. you new do looks super cute! is there anything better than finding a fab stylist!? with curly locks myself i know how hard it is to find the right person for the job....i've also sported the mullet, a mushroom cut, as well as straight bangs and curly back...hmmmm. i think not.
    love the flowers....love why he sent them....ah! it's all so romantic....enjoy it all!

  11. LOVE the new do! How sweet of the boy to send you flowers on his birthday. Definitely a keeper :-)

  12. I think your hair is gorgeous. I definitely know what it is like to battle with hair that has a mind of its own though! And the flowers are stunning, how lucky are you!


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