hello, his name is...

21 days. 7 states. 5 time zones. 2 countries. 1 amazing time.

This morning, after many hugs and tears, my travel companion boarded a plane back to Iraq. All this time, I have referred to him only as that--my "travel companion". Truth be told, I have done so because revealing his actual name seemed too strange, too novelesque for reality. But, it is with an enormous smile that I inform you that my travel companion will become a long-term character in my story, appearing every few chapters, whenever he can snag leave from Iraq. So, it's time that I officially introduce you to my companion, my at-a-distance-love interest...

His name is Gabe.

(Note: I am not making this up.)


  1. life is so funny and wonderful and strange. i'm so happy for you guys! what an amazing story. :)

  2. Your story together is so great!

  3. I am laughing to myself right now as I type this. Of all the names!

    Here's to your new chapter with your new man. I hope he keeps that smile on your face for a long long time...

  4. No freakin way!!!!

    Love this entire story, top to bottom.

  5. so happy for you :o) and wishing for a safe time in Iraq for your hunny

  6. this makes me smile ;)

    You let Gabe # 2 that he better be good to you. If not, I will go to Iraq and handle him. Personally ;)


  7. i love a surprise ending!

    even though it's not really an ending.

    and even though i'm not all that surprised...i knew you'd fall in love somewhere between the fields of green and cozy pubs. so happy for you two!

  8. His name is Gabe? Seriously?! That's crazy. But a bit perfect at the same time. I hope this Gabe is the man of your dreams, the one who is deserving of wonderful you! (and I hope he can snag leave again sometime SOON)

  9. Love. It.

    And you even got him to take a picture with you! (I'm assuming he realized it was going up on the blog, right?)


  10. so cute!

    it is truly amazing how the Lord gives us things that permanently plant smiles on our faces?! =) looks like yours couldn't get any bigger! =)

  11. oh em gee. that is too funny! but I am so happy for you! you two look so cute together.

  12. It is amazing story and I sort of figured that this would be how it worked out. Ireland...what a great place to fall in love. Staying tuned to hear the rest of the story...


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