old school romance.

There are eight hours between my time and his. This means as I snuggle up in bed, he's ready to trek through the Iraqi dust and start his day. When I return home for the evening and crack open my textbooks, he's fast asleep.

And so, rather unromantically, we must plan, schedule and creatively create ways to spend time together. Neither of us are lovers of the phone, and considering we both live long, busy days, phone calls aren't always optimal. Our first creative invention: long distance movie dates. By Thursday we select a movie, then both download or acquire it. On Saturday morning (for me...evening for him), we both hit "play" at the same moment, chatting online as we watch the flick. We even eat matching snacks...last Saturday it was white cheddar cheese popcorn and sodas...the breakfast of the champs, indeed. Our first selection was Dear John...all in all, a little too close to reality. Quick summary:

"A romantic drama about a soldier who falls in love with a conservative college student while on his two-week leave."

Sooooo....yeah.We're aiming for something a little less parallel to our lives and relationship this Saturday.

His birthday is coming up, so along with his birthday package, I finally put to use a few of the 80+ vintage handkerchiefs that I've hoarded for over two years. I once read that during the war in the 40's, women would send perfumed handkerchiefs with their boys who went off to war. And so I did the same, embroidering the word "Mine" on the hankie scented with my perfume...and the word "Yours" on the hankie I asked him to spray with his cologne and return to me.

Ah, I remain a romantic at heart.


  1. LOVE!! What a thoughtful & romantic gesture! Your embroidery is gorgeous and the sentiment behind it has my heart melting so I'm sure it will reduce him to a puddle {in a good way, of course!}

    I don't know if you can hear me all the way from Louisiana but I'm cheering for you girlfriend! You are such a sweet soul and deserve some serious happiness.

    p.s. My trip to WI was so lovely! I absolutely fell in love with the area - so beautiful!

  2. I love it, Bethany. How completely wonderful and romantic. It's lovely how you two are finding ways to spend time "together" even though you're far apart.

    I recommend You've Got Mail for this Saturday. You know how I adore it!

  3. That is completely romantic! You are such a romantic mush and I love it!

    I absolutely am dying over the embroidered handkerchiefs as well. Reminds me of the old Hollywood movies when handkerchiefs were actually part of an everyday wardrobe. Major props girlfriend!

  4. I think I just teared up a little bit. I LOVE the movie date idea! And the hankies? Seriously, you are too cute for your own good. I am so rooting for you and I love hearing your story!

  5. beautiful and so romantic! my father has always carried a handkerchief and the other day at dinner at his parents, his father had one too. I like a man who has one and my fiance made a joke about how it was an old man thing to do. I told him it was a gentleman thing to do.

    SO HAPPY i found this on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/transaction/33776214

    i can't wait til it comes in to surprise him.

    really, i should have commissioned you! i love yours and think it's so romantic! xo

  6. Love that idea- it is so romantic. Makes me swoon to think about it.


  7. This is so sweet! My mom is a huge fan of your blog and showed it to me. She said this post made her cry (in a good way). So romantic :)

  8. my heart is melting over here. the hankies are the sweetest idea. ever. and your fire engine red nail polish is equally swoon-worthy.

    and the movie date!? genius! kinda makes me want to ship jeff out of the country so we can rekindle the romance...


  9. So romantic! gush. I was secretly hoping that when you both went on your trip that sparks would fly! So happy you loved Ireland. I was there for only a weekend back in college (15 years ago!) when I was doing a study abroad in London for a summer. Beautiful photos!

  10. how sweet! The hankies are sublime. None of us should be surprised that you found such a creative solution! Have fun on your next movie night.

  11. So so sweet!!! The hankies are such a sweet gesture!! When my husband and I were dating long distance, he would give me a shirt with his cologne on it!
    A good movie choice would be "Leap Year" I watched it last night and thought of you and Gabe!!!

  12. I like the movie traditions. My good friend is married to a lieutenant in the airforce who serves as a pilot so he's gone on short leaves and long leaves. They are not really phone people either, I'll forward her your idea. THanks!


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