a sweet gift.

I am a technological minimalist. Less gadgets, less stress. When I first moved into my apartment, I lived without a TV for three months. Finally, I snagged a cute little silver 19" flat screen TV with a built in DVD player...and it was boss. Granted, I have spent the last two years trying to find the exact location of optimal reception...every passing car on the street below interrupts my TV viewing. I've never found it.

When Gabe was here, he was certain I needed a new TV--his treat. I protested, telling him I didn't need anything new and my little television suited my lifestyle perfectly. A larger TV would only clutter my tiny living room. After several lighthearted debates, he brought out the big guns: I had a stressful school and work year ahead of me, and he wanted to make sure that during late nights spent painting, I didn't need to watch hours of Frasier at 2am.

And...to Best Buy we went. "Nothing extravagant," I told him. "Nothing over 32 inches." He agreed to keep it in check. In good faith, I gave him the key to my apartment and went to work for the day.

The boy lies. Meet my 42" telly, which is hooked up his Netflix, a massive iTunes collection and Hulu plus. Oh, and give a friendly helloooo to my new media center, which we pieced together after a trip to IKEA. I've developed a theory that if a couple can survive a trip to IKEA, they've got a love for the ages. Not only did we survive, we had an incredible time. He was a true gentleman, analyzing box measurements, the size of our SUV and consulting IKEA staff on available colors and sizes.  We giggled our way through store, and he even managed to continue to adore me after I stealthily swapped his soda for Lingonberry tea. (Never, ever leave me with your IKEA soda cup. You're gonna get Lingonberried...)

Two weeks later, I've come to believe that the size of one's TV is directly proportional to the size of one's rump. However, I will admit that it's been a lovely addition to my home and has kept me company as I've burned the midnight oil.

But, my next shopping trip: New gym shoes, and a strong desire to put down the remote.


  1. Oh Beth! Love your new TV and Gabe sounds honestly like a dream come true!! I am so happy for you and have enjoyed so much reading about your blossoming romance-keep the stories coming:)
    Did you change your major?
    Oh, and I absolutely love how you have your suitcase as a decoration! So cute and I just may have to try that:)

  2. Gabe sounds like a real catch! I'm getting kinda jealous over here ;)

  3. what a gift! Gabe sounds like a real sweetheart though. and yes, if you can survive IKEA together, you can survive almost anything! tee hee.

  4. absolutely love your sweet and elegant entertainment center!! inspiration has begun =)

  5. I love the blue mason jars on the left shelf! They really caught my eye!


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