Word Lover Considers New Path

Bethany is a student with a passion for creative freedom.

After two weeks in a Writing for the Media class at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Bethany, 24, has decided that journalism is not her destiny.

UW-Stout requires Journalism and English Writing minors to take a course which focuses on journalistic practices and the media. Bethany, who was considering both minors at the start of the semester, has crossed Journalism off her list and hopes to forge ahead with an English Writing minor.

"Why spend so much time fretting over AP style, and nary a second building an alternative vocabulary for over-utilized words like 'said'?," said Bethany.

Although she didn't find her destiny in the class, Bethany says that the experience has given her a new found respect for journalists.

"Any writer who can act as an informational sieve, holding back her own opinions and ideas while sending through only facts, is to be commended," said Bethany. "Unfortunately I lack that restraint. I write like a sieve with a hole sawed in the middle. You're getting it all, and it's gonna be messy."

Bethany will spend the next 14 weeks attempting to reign in her vocabulary, while maintaining her love of the English language.

Editor's Note: The author admits she didn't spend one minute thinking about AP style while writing this post. Suffice it all to say: Hellllooo, creative writing class next semester. We shall be chums.


  1. Absolutely fantastic!

    Love it, Bethany. I think you've made the right choice.

  2. Clever post. At least you have figured this out now, I realised that journalism wasn't for me once I finished the degree and had handed over my $18,000 whoops. Goodluck with the writing :-)

  3. Come to UWEC and take creative writing classes with me!

    Oh, but if you think creative writing professors will advocate synonyms for the word "said," you'll be disappointed. I'm sorry.

    My CW professor went on a five-minute rampage last class about how much she hates tags like "she sneered" or "he chortled." In her words: "I f***cking HATE 'replied.'"

    But seriously, creative writing is an outstanding major.


  4. Such a relief to have decisions made, choices affirmed, and we all benefit...
    Good for you!

  5. Bethany,
    Have you found Wordsmith.org? A great opportunity for an expanding vocabulary - delivered daily to your inbox. But maybe you know this already....


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