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One of the best things about attending an art program is that you'll never be the worst-dressed person there. For example, a girl in my History of Furnishings class has, four times in a row, worn an up-to-"there" jean skirt with Uggs. There will always be a handful of girls who took "personal style" a step too far, so what feels like a fashion risk to me is hardly a "blip" on the college fashion scene. But, one of the worst things about art school is that it's easy to feel like you lack all style completely, like you're just....grey in a world of brilliant hues.

Spending 20 hours a week with blossoming designers and artists who routinely don fierce combos, has left me feeling less than loving about my wardrobe. So, mission numero uno was to conquer skinny jeans. Over the years, I've thrown some jagged comments at skinny jeans, and clung desperately to my various Gap bootcuts. Were it up to me, bootcut would be all I'd ever wear. But it seems the way of tops is going towards flowing, floating and amorphous shapes. I could complain about this for weeks, but it is what it is. I'm the last girl in school to make the switch, and it's now or never. Slouchy tops don't play nicely with roomy bottoms, and it's time for me to move on.

Off to the mall I went. After the first two pairs, it was abundantly clear that if this bod were a fruit, it would be a pear. I have one weighty bottom half. I'm sure in five years, I'll be splayed out in some delivery room thanking heaven for these child-bearin' hips, but my utterances in the fitting room were anything but thankful. Two major problems:

Problem #1: What was going on in the crotch area was INSANE. More puckers than a room full of grandmothers.  

Problem #2: Tragic silhouette. If the pyramids of Giza were flipped on their tops, they just might compare to the silhouette I found in the Old Navy fitting room.

Determined to press on, I sampled at least ten additional cuts and washes at different stores, to no avail. It was finally at my last stop where I found a pair that seemed acceptable. I needed to size down to avoid awkward "bagging". Typically, I find myself most comfortable in a size 10, but I wound up with an 8. Also, I found it best to avoid supertight fitting fabric (like an all-stretch jean), as it only emphasized my ample behind and out-of-proportion hips. When I got home, to the comfort of my own mirror, I discovered that my body does not lend well to pairing skinny jeans with flats. It's shlumptastic. Whenever possible, I should rock them with a heel. Also, my few lengthy, flowy shirts covered a multitude of sins. (And by 'sins' I mean the few love pounds I've put on since Ireland.) I'm still not 100% sold on the idea, and my ankles are experiencing some claustrophobia. For now the semi-offending pants are back in the bag with tags still on, until I can convince myself it was all a good idea.

Have you attempted the switch to skinny jeans? Was it flawless, or a complete failure? Hit me with your skinny jeans tips, girls!


  1. i can totally sympathize! i would say i'm similarly sized/shaped as you, and i didn't think people would take me seriously in skinny jeans. but i did find two pairs i really love at american eagle last year (not sure if you went there). they are stretchy enough, but not too much so. and they come pretty low, but i just make sure to wear a long top with them. good luck with your wardrobe updating! it's never easy!

  2. Lordy, I think we have the same body. I have good news! I found some great skinnies at Target, of all places. These are the tighest, though a tad stretchy, so comfortable. Another pair I found at TJ Maxx is a bit roomy, and they look terrible unless I cuff the bottoms, or wear heals & pull the hem over the top of the heels. Keep searching- there are skinny jeans that will fit AND look good on our baby-bearing-ready bodies...we just have to work harder. I love all of your outfits you post here, don't get discouraged :)

  3. i swore i would never wear them b/c I am a total pear. I now own not one but 2 skinny boyfriend cords from j.jill and I found 2 pair of skinny jeans at anthro. thank goodness fo long flowy shirts and heels, but i really am loving them - especially the soft cords.

  4. I always used to say skinny jeans were for skinny people without hips. I have a thinner waist, but definitely child bearing hips and felt too pear-ish in super skinny jeans. Personally, I've had more luck with the jeans that are a little more straight leg and not quite as narrow on the buttom. I found a pair at Aeropostale that was labeled skinny but was more of a straight leg, and it wasn't streatchy (yay!). Good luck!

  5. Skinny jeans and I have a love/hate relationship. I want to wear them, but every time I attempt it, it just does not work.

    On paper it should-- I have super long, skinny legs. However, I have a very, um... "ample" chest area and it makes me look like an apple on a pair of toothpicks.

    I agree with you on flats though... 5 foot nothing girls like us need a little height.

    Love those wedges, btw. Where did you get them??


  6. I've never found a pair of skinny jeans that fit :-(

  7. Sounds like we have the same body! I've been wearing skinny jeans for a while, and I've found that black works best. I got "jeggings" a while ago, and love them cause they're so comfy! Skinnies are also perfect to be tucked into boots in the fall and winter, and since I like long, flowy tops best anyways I'm pretty happy :)

  8. Cute blog... and great pics! Do you take the photo's yourself?

  9. Love the photo! Good luck with the jeans - and remember confidence and a vibrant smile can cover as many "sins" as a long shirt!

  10. I have 1 pair... they have been hanging dormant in my closet since last winter. I can't wear them with anything besides tall boots.

    Skinny jeans just make me look top heavy otherwise :(

  11. I'm late on this... but I have the SAME PROBLEM!!!! I am like a size 32/34 around the rib cage... I have a size 6/7 waist and a size 8/9 butt/thigh.... I don't know who came up with this idea of the skinny.. but they were not made for volleyball players... my legs are jacked, so I thought they would look good on me.. too bad I cant even get my ankles through them most of the time...
    Have you tried the american eagle jeggings? I know.. jean leggings.. gross... and if it were any other store I would say the same thing, but they actually have nice ones, that are pretty much like jeans, but soft and super stretchy

  12. no no no! I am so with you. I cannot do a skinny jean. I like a fitted top and a bell cut pant for sures. And definitely not now with needing to lose baby weight. Screw the trends! I like to think spoon over pear :)


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