baby steps.

Quietly, I laughed to myself as I fell desperately in love with a pair of baby shoes. There I was, innocently eyeing miniature sweaters, mittens and stockings in search of baby shower gifts, when the sweetest pair of tiny baby boy sneakers stole my heart. At 24, two years of school lie infront of me, I've yet to get married and am one of those silly individuals who believes in having two years of marriage in before starting a family. Babies are far, far, far from now, and typically I'm thankful for that. But there are moments in which I could be convinced otherwise.

My sister, by my side as the baby shoes found their way to the checkout line, knowingly smiled and asked me, "Those shoes aren't for a gift, are they? You're not going to part with them."

"No." I responded, laughing, fully aware of my craziness.

Life is never what you expect or plan. And thank God for that. Had I written my life-plan when I became an adult, I'd already be a wife and mother, and certainly wouldn't have made room for this precious 20-something time to find myself, experience life, love and growth. But, I'm occasionally eager for that distant future. In rare moments, I cannot wait. Every year I buy a new book for my someday children. It's not ceremonial, and I'm aware that its completely loony. There's no given date for when I do this crazy thing...it just slips into my shopping basket and finds it's way home, joining the smallest little growing stack of hopes and dreams.

And, now, baby shoes.
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Thank you all for your loving cheer-up messages on my last post! Miraculously, both my instructors graciously granted project extensions. I am one happy girl, who snagged FIVE, yes count 'em, five whole hours of sleep last night. :)

In other news, don't forget that tomorrow (Thursday) is your last day to comment on the giveway! I'll announce the winner on Friday!


  1. :)
    I bought a couple of baby things when I was still way too young to be thinking about having kids, and when I finally had my daughter and saw her wearing them it just made me smile.

  2. i have a private wishlist on amazon for "someday dontje" of all the books and baby goodness i'd like someday. a little looney too, i guess. :)

  3. That's what my nieces are good for :D along with being the most adorable kids ever.

  4. Years ago I bought a gorgeous white eyelet dress, in size 2T brcause that's the smallest they had. I know I like to costume Gabe but I promise he'll never wear it. Fingers crossed next one's a girl!

    Oh! and where are those shoes from? I love em!

  5. that's sweet. there is nothing looney about it all all :) they are too cute to pass up.

  6. This is fabulous. If this is crazy, we are crazy together! I look at cribs all the time, and day dream about tiny socks and mini hands to hold.

  7. I think that ever since I got married, I've started thinking about babies. I have a huge box full of children's books. It could be because I'm an education major, but it's also because I can't wait to snuggle in bed with my child and read "Goodnight Moon" together :)

  8. I think we all have moments when we look forward to the future. Currently I'm on the wishing-for-marriage stage. I'm not quite to the baby one yet but I completely understand that. I found a book (City Dog Country Frog) that I want to read to my children sometime in the future although I have yet to make the purchase. I hope you have a few smiles from the books you find or the shoes you buy. I think it's precious.

  9. I can so understand this sentiment. My life plan was to be married by 24, thats only a year away and is definitely not on the cards. I agree it is great to have these years to experience life and make mistakes and have adventures. I also believe in having some married years before kids. I love that you buy books for your children - I have often thought about doing that but am scared I might jinx something.

  10. I'm exactly the same. I buy little baby things here and there and I'm starting a book pile for my future children too.

    It's sweet that you are buying these things with no real plan but knowing that it's there. x

  11. looking at those baby shoes and then thinking of how lucky you felt to get 5 hours of sleep - oh once you have a baby that will be sooo common! unfortunately. that's why they make babies so cute! LOVE these shoes though. love them.

  12. I certainly don't think there is anything wrong will falling for a sweet little pair of shoes and holding on to them for a day yet to come.

    I have a dear friend who buys romantic cards and postcards that she will give to her husband one day, even though she's single. I love that.

    It was so wonderful to meet you at the Christmas crafternoon... and now I'm going to read pages and pages of your delightful blog as I drink tea on this perfectly quiet evening.

  13. Hi! New to your blog. Just catching up. :)

    I also bought little "someday" items for my babe-to-be. Little shoes, a dress, a few books. I didn't tell anyone at the time for fear of being teased or seeming desperate to rush my life along. Now that my daughter is here it warms my heart to put these things to use. I tell her, "Mommy bought this for you when you were just a twinkle in her eye." She doesn't understand yet, but maybe someday she will. I wanted her long before I knew it.

  14. I'm new to your lovely blog so catching up! I think it's lovely and brilliant that you admitted it! I went to a vintage fair with some women 20 years older than me (I'm 24) and found the cutest little green sweet pea baby hat, hand knitted which I knew was all wrong for my pregnant friend. I on the other hand loved it and was urged to just buy it and hide it by my older textile friends who have had their babies. It's nestled away somewhere safe. I feel kinda silly but it does make me smile when I find it.


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