holiday spirit.

I save bits and baubles all year long. Strips of ribbon, extra buttons that come with new sweaters, and small pieces of felt are stored just for this time: gift wrapping time. Those little extra touches are what I feel make a thoughtful gift the pièce de résistance under the tree. 

I'm aware that it's only November, and a tad early to be wrapping, but yesterday my friendly local post-woman informed me that if I want to get anything over to my boy in Iraq, I best send it within the next week before millions of holiday parcels hit the air. Millions? Oh my. Now I'm rushing to get things packaged in time. Truthfully, it makes me a little teary to think of him spending the upcoming holidays in a dusty lack of holiday spirit. No Christmas tree, no holiday tunes playing, not even an attempt at a Thanksgiving meal. So, I'm tracking down a mini-Christmas tree, and wrapping one gift for every day of December, advent-calendar style...hoping to infuse some daily Christmas joy onto his military base that's seriously lacking it.

Some exciting news: I was contacted by an anonymous-someone who offered to donate one additional dollar for each comment on this giveaway post! We're DYING to max out the donation, so you may now comment once per day, each comment is worth a $1.50 donation, and another entry for you in the giveaway! The whole shebang ends on Thursday, November 18th, with the winner announced on Friday, November 19th.


  1. this makes me sad too that he will be treeless & turkeyless for the holidays =( how sad!

  2. I did the same thing for Alan when he lived in London, so far away from me! But he was coming for Christmas, so my advent calendar/gifts were counting down the days until his arrival. I can't tell you how many cheesy little poems I wrote informing him of the number of days until our lips locked once more... (it makes me blush now to think of it!)

    Thank goodness you'll be together for New Year's Eve!

  3. What a great idea! I'm sure he'll love unwrapping each gift from you!

    Am off to go comment again--how wonderful!

  4. omg I've been in the holiday mood now since before Halloween! Most likely with some projects I'm working on - have to start early to stay ahead. Have fun!

  5. wonderful blog. I like your blog and posts.

  6. A gift for each day?! You and I definitely think alike :-) What a wonderful way to help him feel the Christmas spirit - he's so lucky to have you!

    Huge congrats on {and thanks to} the anonymous donor!! Going back to leave another comment now.

  7. My brother in law is in the Middle East at the moment and you have totally reminded me that I need to get his package out. Its sad that they wont have a tree or family but letters and love from home will help until they get back.

  8. I think an advent calender is pretty perfect! What a wonderful thing for him to look forward too!

  9. What a wonderful idea to send all those wonderful things. I am a self-confessed giftwrap addict and spend a ridiculous amount of time on it. I often daydream about all those gorgeously wrapped parcels and what they look like under the standard postage wrapping when I take my own parcels to the post office - imagine all those pretty presents floating around our airspace come holiday season!


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