little moments.

Another sweet item from Kari's barn.

In the midst of...

...backing ever-so-slightly into someone's bumper.
...pulling a near-all-nighter to finish a project.
...dealing with the least pleasant campus employee I've ever faced.
...malfunctioning computer programs, leading to three hours of lost work.
...complete, and total frustration.

...a boy I love in Iraq received his care package and is, as I write this, decorating his tree. And that, if anything, makes life worth smiling about.

Fa-la-la-la-fabulous. :)


  1. I can't imagine how big the smile on that boy's face was after opening that box. So glad it got there quickly & in one piece!

  2. Yay! That got there FAST! So nice to know that making someone else's day can make your own, isn't it?

  3. Keep going - that festive spirit will get you through anything! And, as Erin said, that parcel got there amazingly fast!

  4. Hurray for smiling Baghdad boys and their very special care packages loaded with daily surprises!!! I know there's at least one special guy that fits that description!

  5. I love that you are soo positive about everything!! And I'm sure that package brought many smiles to your boy's face :) You're sweet.

  6. Oh, I think i need one of these cute little trees!


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