many thanks...and a winner!

One of my favorite Irish windows...could it be any more adorable?
My Ramblings

I owe soooo many 'thank yous' to the blogosphere this week:

...For your sweet comments about the Christmas care package for my guy...I am blushing. Creating it was truly a work of heart, and your words were a heavenly treat during the last few days. Additionally, your mutual Christmas excitement? Let's hug. Thank you, thank you.

...For openness and honesty, both in the comments left for me and in the words shared on your own blogs. As a girl who finds honesty easiest in written form, I cannot express my thankfulness.

...For all the gosh-darn thoughtfulness I've found in this little world. Cheery emails from people I know only virtually, ornament swaps with girls from around the globe and Christmas craft parties thrown by warm blogger-hostesses who welcome all...isn't this place amazing? Seriously.

...And one enormous a-thank-you-so-much to everyone who played along with my first month with Give for Good. Together, your comments helped raise $75.00 in the name of curing addiction. Hooray!

The Good Stuff

Random.org has chosen a winner, and the winner of the G4G giveaway is...

Shannon of Shannanigans! Shannon, zip me your mailing address, and I'll send this sundae-fund your way. :)

Spooky truth: Yesterday I won a giveaway on Shannon's blog...I swear this wasn't loaded. But, please DO note that Shannon has the cutest, most expressive babe on the planet, with whom I am completely in love (although I've never met him). His name is Gabe. Gabes and I just go together like PB and J.

Happy weekend!


  1. Congrats to the winner!!

    Oh and I love Harry Potter! I definitely want to see it again sometime soon :)

    I hope to send out your package this weekend!x

  2. Congrats to the winner - and to you for raising money for such a great cause.

  3. Seriously??? That's crazy! And awesome at the same time!

  4. Amazing total achieved Bethany - well done.

  5. I've met Baby Gaby, and he's pretty darn cute in person too.



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