new feature: give for good, from a to z.

As bloggers, we feature the beautiful. The edited. The Photoshopped. The proofread. Life is at its best in our digitalized world. But what about our unedited ugly moments? The moments behind closed doors which leave us crying on bathroom floors, knowing that we need help, but not sure how to move forward? The ugly is near and dear to my heart. The last three years of my life have brought plenty of low moments as I’ve wrestled with depression, anxiety, obesity…a trifecta of sadness. But, it was in my lowest lows that I realized this: No one can walk alone. We need others. Those who have trod where we are, friendly souls that can reach down into the darkness, light our path and show us the way out.

So, in an effort to raise awareness for help in our less-than-lovely moments, I’m starting a new series: Give for Good: From A to Z.

This whole shebang has three parts:

1. Every month, I’ll feature a new organization that’s doing so much good for those in need of a hand. My first organization is tied to the letter ‘A’…and December’s will tie to ‘B’…and so on. I hope you’ll take the time to click over and make yourself aware..or at least catalog it in your mental Rolodex. (Wow. Rolodex. I bet kids don’t even know what those are these days.)

2. Your comment on the post gets a 50 cent donation from me to the featured organization. (Up to 100 comments total. Believe me, I would LOVE to send off a $50 donation!)

3. Your comment also enters you in a little giveaway. A thank you from me to you for making yourself aware of other's battles, and for taking time to discover help available should you or your loved ones find yourself in need.

In short, I write. You read and comment. Good people get my money. You (might) win. Everyone wins! I truly hope to keep this going until I run through the entire alphabet, you become so bored that you beg me to stop, or I’m completely broke. Don't worry...in between each month I'll still pack this place full of life overshares, emotional meltdowns, latest obsessions and all sorts of things that make you feel significantly more sane than me. But, I feel like it's my turn to do some good in the world, so why not start here? :)

Check back on Monday to read up on the first featured organization, and find out about the giveaway! (This is a giveaway that’s good for all types. Even boys. Seriously.)

Deal? :)


  1. Great idea, Bethany! You are an amazing and thoughtful young woman!
    Looking forward to your new feature and grateful you'll continue to share from your heart!

  2. You. Are. Amazing! What a WONDERFUL idea!! I'm definitely in.

  3. i love this. i can't wait to hear about this each month. definitely a good reminder and great way to build awareness.

  4. This is simply awesome. I'm so excited. SO EXCITED!

  5. What a great thing to use your blog for! Can't wait to see what you have in store.

  6. Sounds wonderful! Seriously, so generous and compassionate and authentic. Wow.

    Can we fast forward to letters X & Z? I'm curious to see what charities you'll pick. ;)

  7. Jess, I'm already sweating over X and Z. :) I think the only X word I know is Xylophone...not sure how that's going to work out for me. :)

    Thanks all for your sweet support!

  8. I adore this idea Beth! I come across so many things I want to support but there's just no way to help them all. But this way I can! And it's the perfect time of year to start. You are just so darn thoughtful, I'm glad to "know" you.

  9. what an amazing series idea!! love it! like swell.life I was thinking, how is she gonna find a charity that starts with X or Z? ... haha... but I know you'll pull it off!

  10. Bethany you are truly an amazing lady! What a fabulous idea, really looking forward to seeing this roll out.
    Wishing you a fabulous weekend dear.


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