overeager, party of one.

(A trip to Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis is one of my newfound Christmas traditions.)

Society wants me to bemoan the early onset of Christmas decor in the stores. To curse marketing departments everywhere for turning Christmas into a commercialized holiday. But, can I be honest? It makes my heart beat faster. My palms get a little sweaty. My pupils dilate. I cannot wait. Infact, I so cannot wait for trees, treats and traditions...that today, November 1st, I allowed myself to start listening to Christmas music. I've already sewn a new Christmas table runner and dug out the handmade stockings I crafted last year. Overanxious, are we?

But this year, nearly everyone I know and love has made pacts to skip the gifts. Rather than racking our brains in the aisles over something no one will remember by Valentines Day, my family and I are taking a trip to Chicago right after Christmas...finally seeing Wicked and enjoying the holiday. My co-workers and I agreed to donate to a local food bank rather than buy each other trinkets. My best friend and I have a long-standing no gift policy...but that's mainly because we're too lazy to mail each other gifts. :)

And...he'll be home for Christmas, all the way from Iraq. My love and I are meeting up in San Francisco, just hours before New Years Eve, which we're spending with our very best friends in Ghiradelli Square. Not quite home in time for Christmas, but you best bet that I'll be kissing in the New Year!

I cannot wait to see that boy. He makes everything in life right. :)


  1. well, i guess i can understand why you wany the holidays to come quickly. what a romantic place to ring in the new year! cant wait to hear more.

  2. Oh dear Bethany, this post fills my heart with Christmas joy! What a wonderful New Year's Eve it's going to be for you (hurrah!) Oh, and if you're listening to Christmas music already, maybe I will too... I thought about it all day today but stopped myself. Maybe I should just go with it!

    Ooh, and I just bet you're looking forward to the red cups at Starbucks, aren't you? I definitely am!

  3. Aw, my husband surprised me and came home from Afghanistan the day after Christmas a couple of years ago. It's made that time of year even better for me because I always think about it around Christmas. I'm glad you'll get to spend the holidays with your guy.

  4. Bethany this post makes me feel like your life is even more out of the pages of one of my favourite romantic novels - just as it begun in Ireland this summer!

    I have to agree with Erin too that it fills me a little more with the Christmas spirit.

    PS: Thank you for your kind and wonderful thoughts on my little blog.

  5. Oh my goodness Bethany...I'm tearing up a little bit just thinking of your reunion with your boy.
    I'm with you on Christmas, I'm so excited it already and
    have been listening to Christmas music already too (but that's because I've been working on making things for a Christmas craft fair, so obviously I needed some inspiration).

  6. It all sounds wonderful - you can mark off the days with such a joyful anticipation for so many reasons! And Mary's hat-in-the-air statue was the perfect accompaniment to this post...

  7. me too. i love it. everything christmas. i sprinkled twinkle lights throughout the house yesterday and practically squealed with delight last night when darkness fell over our house; truly showing off their sparkly beauty! and well....oh my...swoon. i love that you will find yourself in your love's arms at new years.....love is the best!

  8. aww i love this. it makes me excited for the season!
    i was just thinking this morning about how usually i am grumbling about the earliness of it all - but this year, i am actually excited! glad we share this sentiment! :)

  9. I am so excited for your New Year's celebration! ...And the fact that we both get into the Christmas spirit early :)

  10. I friggin love Christmas-- the decorating, the gift-wrapping, the time with loved ones (esp. cute military boys, wink wink). Bring on the holiday!

    Oh wait.. Thanksgiving comes first? Errm... ok.


  11. woo hoo on the getaways with family and then your man! I think that's a great idea for family/friends to take a trip and skip gifts. I'm trying to be more simple this year but....I always say that. I'm excited already too!


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