taking care.

Here’s the thing: I forget that it’s okay to take care of myself, beyond buying my necessary cosmetics and groceries. I'm not talking about picking up a latte, or throwing a York Peppermint Pattie in my cart at checkout. Those things are instinctive. But the actual up-keep of self: haircuts, a lucky manicure, trips to the gym, the occasional bra fitting or a relaxing walk about the block. Six weeks ago, Gabriel was so sweet to remind me that taking care of self is nourishment to a girl’s soul and, that more than how I look, it’s about how I feel when I take care of myself. This spurred my first trip to hair salon in years, after which I felt so good that I actually strolled down to Victoria's had a bra fitting, something I've so nervously avoided for a decade. Talk about "up" keep.

He was so right. Taking care is a different feeling than buying a new pair of shoes (although that’s a beautiful thing), or another pair of gold dangly earrings. It’s a quiet, peaceful feeling of thankfulness and self-contentedness. It's knowing that I'm lucky to live a life that allows for little 'take care' splurges, but knowing that with luck comes the joy and responsibility of taking care of those who have bigger concerns, like putting meals on the table or keeping a roof overhead. I guess it's all about passing on what you've been blessed with, no matter how small, right? That's so much easier to remember around the holidays.

Anyway, after this weekend's second visit to the hair salon, I'm truly seeing the benefits of taking care of me...soft, shiny, bouncy benefits. Ooo…and get this: I can now run my fingers through my hair without breaking off 20 strands. Sexy.

Happy weekend. :)


  1. I'd die for your hair! It looks beautiful!

  2. Your hair looks fabulous! This has been a fun week of posts. Your Christmas package will probably be a boost to others in Gabe's unit, as well. How about a bag of artificial snow to go with your tree? Have fun with the choosing and wrapping.

  3. I was acutally just thinking of you the other day. How are you doing on your heat-free challenge?

    I tried it and lasted exactly one day- and I think that's because Iwas hungover and didn't want the noise right next to my ear. heheh


  4. Oh please, can we trade hair? I'll even throw in a peppermint patty (I'll, of course, have to get 4, two for you and two for me-- I. Love. Them.)

  5. I think you have just persuaded me that I really should ring up the hairdressers and make an appointment very soon - your hair looks stunning.

    Could be that or the fact that I just took a quiz to find out what fairytale character I am most alike and it turned out to be Rapunzel! hee hee


  6. your hair looks great. As a blond I admit I am always a little envious of lucious, dark locks.

  7. Gorgeous! Gabriel is correct; every gal needs a trip to the salon every now and again.

  8. I just stumbled across your blog (from Pughs News) and I love it! I look forward to many more beautiful posts. I think you're right about taking care of yourself... I don't really have the funds right now but I think I'd relax a lot more if I could just go get a message or manicure sometime. Plus it's great to remind ourselves that we have the capability to help others who really need it. Beautiful post!

  9. i love your haircut! what did you ask for when you got it? I love all the layers


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