understated holiday.

My dear friends, has Thanksgiving passed already? I feel as though I'm in a stuffing-based haze. Is it possible? Truthfully, I'm exhausted and have not yet been able to name a reason why, as I've not gone much beyond eating, lounging and simple homework. Although, that's nothing new. I had grandiose plans for this Thanksgiving's table, but quickly scrapped them when Wednesday night arrived and I'd not lifted a finger. So, I fell back on a base of polka-dot lace tablecloths, a burlap runner and a light green seersucker overlay runner.

 My grandmother recently passed down a twelve-person china setting from the 1930's with all the trimmings, salad, dinner and dessert plates, cups, bowls, saucers...and it made for the perfect eye candy. I picked up adorable seersucker cloth napkins at...The Dollar Store. Yes, indeed. Six dollars for twelve napkins, and they couldn't have been more perfect.

I opted out of napkin rings, as the things are so expensive I can't bear to purchase them. So, some simple baker's twine was a nice stand-in and pumped up the texture. Is it silly that I think it's charming when silverwear is mismatched?

All in all, it was my easiest table yet, and cost all told: Sixteen dollars. Thankfully, both burlap and pears were on sale which saved me a fortune. My sister and mom tackled the meal, and did a deliciously excellent job. I'm a lucky girl in that my mother and sister respect my inability and disinterest in cooking...perhaps that will change someday when I'm cooking for more than one. But, for now I delight in more visual pursuits. :)

Do tell: Are you the cook or the decorator during the holidays? Are you one of the lucky girls who excels at both?


  1. i'm the cook who has no interest in cooking for one. the decorator who wonders "why"? therefore i am content to do neither and be with the people i care about. :)

    pear, though. i'm a fan of the pear. well done.

  2. I love decorating but I help cook too. I'm definitely the cook when my mom's not home.

  3. It really is a gorgeous set up you had there! When it comes to celebrations I wave the poor cook flag and Christmas will be spent at my in-laws, where my mother-in-law is the MOST amazing cook. I take up the decorating side with table presents for everyone.


  4. What an adorable table! It was just my parents and I for Thanksgiving this year so we didn't cook or decorate, just enjoyed being lazy - it was heavenly - although not nearly as beautiful of yours

  5. that's gorgeous! i like simple :) and the price is right!
    (i am noooo cook!! but i do eat!)

  6. your table looks gorgeous! like out of a magazine! the pears are adorable and the color scheme is pretty but calming. I like the simplicity of it all.

    as for me, I am more interested in cooking, though all I contributed this year was a pie. at my house we don't pretty up the table very much. just throw on a table cloth and take out the fancy china. it's a miracle the dining table is clear enough to eat! :) usually it's covered in mail, haha.


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