a vintage gem.

My co-worker Kari recently entered the antiquing business, and several times a year transforms her gorgeous 1800's barn into a welcome shop-space for eager antiquers...lucky for me, I found out about this just a few days before her big Christmas sale. And, although it may have been below freezing outside on Saturday, inside this big ol' Wisconsin barn there was nothing but warm hearts and toasty spirits.

Between the piping hot apple cider Kari was dishing up, and the cheery laughs with which she greeted each guest, it was clear that this entire undertaking is a work of heart. The milky morning light filtered through the slats of the barn, illuminating each gorgeously placed glassy bauble and vintage good. The whole barn was decked out in Christmas beauty, and staged to perfection--white, twinkly lights, Christmas trees, ornaments and antique cards...enough to make a Christmas-freak like me cheery for weeks!

Now, I can't show you any of my scores, because they're all about to be wrapped up as gifts...but I will say this: I walked away with a bulging bag of vintage finds for a little over twenty bucks! The photos below should give you a little taste of the beauty within that magnificent barn.

It was beautiful...the most excellent way to start a weekend, and an incredible kick-off to the true holiday season. If you're in the area, be sure to hop over to Kari's blog to keep up to date with her spring barn sale dates. Even if the Augusta barn is a little out of your way, I can promise you it's worth every mile you drive! :)


  1. i am so there! what a magical place. seriously spectacular. really jealous of all your vintage gift recipients.

  2. I'm coming to Eu Claire, and we are going shopping together.

    PS... if you check out my blog today, you might notice something familiar amoungst the decor ;)


  3. oh my gosh that looks amazing

  4. What a beautiful place - I spy a gorgeous pair of ice-skating boots too that would make a perfect festive decoration even if they couldn't be worn. I love unique gift shopping like that.

  5. Bethany:
    Thank you so much for this extra special surprise. Your pictures are magical -- and your words too sweet.
    You have truly touched my heart.
    How blessed I was to have you at my barn sale.


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