warming up.

Given that scarves and gloves have made their appearance in the midwest, I decided it was time to warm up my small living room. So, I swapped out my light white throw for a chunky brown one, and also picked up this snuggly sweater pillow from IKEA. My kitchen has so little storage that I often try to find useful ways to keep bowls and platters in other areas of my home...so this scalloped blue guy often sits on my coffee table with some seasonal fruit. This way, when I'm gorging myself on reality TV reruns, I can at least reach for an apple and feel like I made one good decision that day. :)

I also crafted this piece of artwork (is it artwork? I'm not sure what to call it...):

Forgive the photo, I took it this morning, and the light is leaving a little to be desired.

It was really quite simple, even for a DIY-dropout like myself:

Step 1: Paint away the scary gold frame with a brush and a can of off-white paint. (I left it a little rough because I like the imperfect look.)
Step 2: Rip four pages from an antique book to which you have no connection, coat their backs with glue and attach them onto a cardboard surface or sturdy cardstock the size of your frame. (There was already a cardboard piece in my frame...so I just used that.)
Step 3: Spend 5 minutes in Word finding a liveable font, and simply print out your letter in font size 454...or something equally enormous.
Step 4: Cut the letter out.
Step 5: If the black from your printer isn't quite punchy enough, go over it with black paint and let it dry for ten minutes, before gluing it to the now-vintage paged cardboard.
Step 6: Then the whole thing goes in the (dry) frame...and la-dee-da!

Thirty minutes to new artwork. :) The entire room feels much cozier, and I'll admit that I've spent more time lounging about than usual! The next item on my to-do list is adding twinkly lights to my windows, and covering the ceiling in hanging snowflakes. Yes. Like a 2nd grade classroom.

Riddle me this: Do you make seasonal changes to your textiles...swap out pillows or throws, or even curtains?


  1. Haha love humorous how-to's. And those pillows look super comf. I was kinda thinking of changing them up for the winter in my family room and $15 a pop isn't too bad. And (my)Gabe kinda needs his first trip to Ikea, right?

  2. I was JUST thinking about getting some new pillows to make our living room a little more cozy. Your space looks so lovely; I absolutely love your artwork :)

  3. Love the artwork (yes, it is artwork!)

    And I would totally make changes to my textiles if I could afford it... I might pick up a few cute cushions for the couch now you mention it, if I can find some that are relatively inexpensive.

  4. just look at your beautiful space! i love it.....it looks like it jumped right off the pages of a magazine! so cozy....the perfect spot to cuddle up with a quilt and a big cup of hot cocoa! the art you created is brilliant....would love to fashion something like this too!

  5. Bethany! I've just realized that you're doing the ornament swap, too! I'm sure my partner is lovely, and I feel a bit bad thinking this... but I wish I'd got YOU! Can't wait to see what you give/receive.

  6. Oh I love your lounge room - it definitely looks warm and inviting. Having the apples in front of the tv is such a good idea!

  7. I changed up my big pillows a while ago for fall, but now it's almost time for Christmas colors. I love simple changes like that, cause even though you're not changing much the whole feel of the room changes. Love your brown throw and the IKEA pillow, they look so comfy together!

  8. I want to live there! I'm so jealous of your living room (and creativity). It's adorable.

  9. I want to come over and visit. Your place looks so serene and pretty.
    And the bunting....is it new? Did you make it? I'm curious.

  10. It looks lovely, perfect place to snuggle up and watch tv!

    We've both been making pretty artwork :)

  11. omigosh I want to curl up on your sofa and take a nap ;) Sooo cuddly.

    The only decor switch we do is the old comforter that gets rolled up next to the couch when we aren't falling asleep on the couch. I'm really bad about season decorating.


  12. I love this! Should do something similar for my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

    Feeling at home and cozy is so important. We just moved 3.5 months ago and just in the last couple weeks have I begun to feel at home and settled. Maybe I can come out of my blog writer's block and post my room.....thanks for the inspiration xx

  13. i love that ikea pillow. i may head to ikea this weekend :)

    i love your fruit bowl!!

  14. I'm in Chicagoland too - so I'm guessing your IKEA is Schaumburg or Bolingbrook. Both say they're out of stock, but I'd love to grab one of those pillows. Where did you find yours?

  15. I wanted you to know that I just did this DIY project! It's not quite as cute as yours (I used $1.50 frames) but I think it's a great, cute, and simple idea. Thanks! (I'll probably make a DIY post about it soon. :)


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