christmas wish lust.

I try really hard not to write about things I want to buy. I blame this on my father.

When I first started blogging two years ago, my father oh-so-lovingly referred to my blog as "the blatant commericalism blog". Cut me deep, Daddio...cut me deep. But it's true--I did a lot of trolling the internet and then posting things I'd seen 'round the web, that I'd never be able to buy ($300 Anthro dress? $120 J. Crew sweater? PLEASE.), but not a whole lot of sharing of myself.

Not that I dislike that type of blogging! I'm not being a blog snob or anything of the sort. (Because have you seen this place? It's nothing that would allow for snobbery on my part.) I enjoy when those with a good eye dedicate themselves to sharing gorg bits and baubles from around the web. I suppose I felt the need to push myself into a different type of creativity which forced me to write about and photograph life. It felt much more therapeutic...and let's face it: I need as much therapy as possible.

However, this I cannot help. It's Christmas time, and I'm feeling awful lustful. Welcome to my 2010 Wish Lust.

One: Cover Story Postcards
Two: Keep You Posted Wallet
Three: Too Cute For Words Heel In Navy
Four: Diana + Dreamer Camera

Apparently this year I'm diggin' on all things vintagey and in any tint, tone or shade of blue or green. But what's new there...

What's on your wish list (or unattainable wish lust) this year?


  1. I have those postcards! I'll send you one...

  2. I love your lust list and I'm also glad that you don't always post about what you want or like or love...it makes your finds that much more fun to look at.

  3. Oh! I like those postcards! Very creative!

  4. How am I supposed to hold myself back from buying those postcards? Seriously.

  5. Oh, one more thing. While my heart belongs to good old Anthropologie, my wallet doesn't agree.

    I sent this link to a friend and within 5 seconds, she found the same postcards on amazon...
    and well...

    See for yourself. (Now you really can have them.)

  6. I love the post cards - they would end up framed on the wall of my "office."
    Time is probalbly the one thing on my wish list this year. (which doesn't mean I don't look at all the pretty baubles)(and I have bought myself 3 pair of shoes in the last month - yikes!) One day it was August, the next day was Thanksgiving, and yes, now finals are on the horizon and I need another week to get ready for them - let's not even mention Christmas!
    I'm glad you're enjoying your snow and I'm enjoying the Christmasy vibe you've been sharing with everyone.

  7. Oh - I LOVE your wishlist - I may have to copy parts of it for my family. My only real wish this year is an epiphanie camera bag.

  8. love it - and so funny - my "toy camera" A Holga, just came in the mail today. I literally just finished loading the film. ALthough it is not even half as cute as the Diana, I can't wait to see what kind of pics we end up with!

  9. i really, really like your blog... it's adorable. :)

  10. Oh I adore that wallet so gorgeous!

  11. Everyone is allowed a little wishful day dreaming and at this time of year of course it is a must! Those shoes are seriously gorgeous - I may just be in love!

  12. Oh my oh my! Those items are gorgeous! My fave is the camera. I want one of those too :)

    I think we always have a lust wishlist.

    I hope you had a great weekend!! x

  13. I just did my "wish lust" and I have that same Diana camera on there! isn't it just lovely?

    I don't always post about things I can't attain but it is fun to make wish lists at christmastime. and also, sometimes it is nice to just say here, I want this, I can't have this, moving on. if I acknowledge it to the blogosphere sometimes it gets the urge to buy the item out of my system. I said sometimes. haha. that's kind of like therapy, right?


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