daddy's cupcake.

Last week, I pulled up to my office early in the morning to find my dad waiting for me, adorable mini cupcake in hand. He just wanted to wish me a happy day. Does it get any sweeter?

Sometimes I forget. I forget that having a father who brings you hot chocolate while pulling an all-nighter, who cheerfully drives 40 minutes to bring you spare keys, who offers to help fix your sewing machine and hang your new chandelier...it isn't a normal thing. My father's love has been so constant, even from my earliest memory of getting a giggly horsey ride on his back, that I'd never considered how life would be without it. This I know: I don't want to imagine it. Not all little girls are lucky enough to grow up with a macho man who set aside masculine interests to make her a poodle skirt for Halloween, and not every young woman has a teddy-bear father who gets teary just thinking about her wedding day. Statistically, I'm sure it's far from normal. Emotionally, it's an exceptionally blessed thing.

Boys have come and gone. But through it all there has been, and always will be Daddy. The ultimate man in my life. :)

(A little note: Infinite thanks for the oodles of sweet thoughts + wishes on my last post. Seriously, girls, my goodness did you cheer me! Other things that have kept me smiling: A photo of Shannon's little guy in a hat I sent him...and a sweet blogger who thought of me by snapping a photo of the most fetching aqua radio. Oh Blogosphere, you are so wonderful.)


  1. how very sweet!!!
    you are so right, not everyone get's to have a father as good as yours (or mine-mine is awesome too).
    it's lovely to see that you are so appreciative of him...has he seen this post? I bet he'd get tears

  2. WOW. I'll have to share this with my husband. He has seen so many women who end up not being close to their dads and it worries him with our daughter. Did you still have the teenage drama with your parents or no? I think a disconnect often happens with fathers and daughters once a girl hits puberty....

  3. As a daddy's girl here. This entry has spoken volumes to me!

  4. that is so sweet. he sounds amazing. and he clearly has good taste in baked goods.

  5. You have an incredible dad - so sweet.

  6. sooo sweet.... tears in my eyes.

    like your blog, am adding you gurl!

  7. how you ever managed to resist the temptation to eat that mouth-wateringly sweet looking thing and bring it home to take such a lovely pic is beyond me. that's discipline girl.

  8. It's easy to see where you get that kind heart of yours from. What a sweet dad.

  9. What a real sweetie you have got yourself there Bethany!

  10. This is so sweet. What a kind Dad you have. Reminds me of my own father who is just as kind and loving. xo


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