don we now our swell apparel.

I'm not sure if it's politically correct to say "gay" in that song anymore. Is it? Oh gosh, I don't know. Now I've pointed out my phrasing, and I'm all sorts of nervous that I'll offend someone. I love everyone. Promise.

Every December I buy a new dress to wear on Christmas. Couldn't you rewear one from the year prior?, you ask. Truly...no, dear reader. My weight yo-yos all over the darn place, so the chances of my body maintaining any one size over the course of a year...well, it's a pipe dream. A few weeks ago I fell in love with a twofer dress, which looked a little something like this. Unfortunately, the price tag was too rich for my blood given the fate that awaits my dresses: they're excitedly worn for three hours, and then cast into my armoire until spring, when they're given away. Dresses just aren't practical for me.

So, I sort of replicated the dress in separates...and for way less. I'm hoping these pieces will get a little more mileage than my usual X-mas dress, and am already mix + matching them into my wardrobe. If I could tolerate fussy clothing, I'd don this every day. It's fitted and super feminine without showing off much skin at all. I feel like Christina Hendricks...only without all the smoldering appeal. More like, I feel pretty wearing secretary clothes and am channeling the spirit of Christina Hendricks: curvy and okay with it.

Here's how it broke down:

Converse Samantha Cream Top (Target-$19)
Black Pencil Skirt (Target-$21)
Polka Dot Tights (Gap-$6, Sold out online)
Ebony Platform Pumps (Payless-$19, Sold out online)
Art Deco Ring (Charlotte Russe-$4, Sold out online)

How about you...are you donning your swell apparel?

Do you shop for new holiday clothes, or do you spend Christmas in your PJs?

And hey. Why didn't anyone invite me to the tights party months ago? These things are boss! :)


  1. Beautiful! I like your outfit better than the ModCloth dress. Happy Holidays!

  2. lovely lovely lovely. not only did you rock your final's face off, it seems you have rocked your Christmas wardrobe. you'll be the belle of the ball, that's for certain. do i have time for a last minute trip to the mall

  3. p.s. i LOVE that your top + skirt are from both from target. you can totally justify new annual holiday garb with those prices. :)

  4. you look beautiful and sexy, you bet! I totally see a smoldering siren a la Christina Hendricks! :) you have curves in all the right places girl... work 'em!

    oh, and I almost always spend Christmas in PJs... kind of boring. but I definitely like dressing up for New Years! :)

  5. Holy crap, I am so far behind on commenting on your posts.

    LOVE me a good pencil skirt. I bought one years ago from Express and spent $80 on and it was worth every penny. I wear that thing everytime I need to look polished or sexxay.

    I swear I wear the same outfit every year for Christmas; a pair of black pants and a burgundy empire top that has gold threading through it. Maybe this year I'll finally mix it up. I can't wear skirts anymore because I spend 90% of the day chasing around a niece or a nephew.

    You look amazing. Hold on to these peices-- and if you loose weight, get them taken in!


  6. This combination is one of my favorites. You look so lovely. I can't wait to wear real cute again.

  7. ok, first, you look so itty bitty good! second, you also look stunning! and third, i did have to buy new holiday clothes this year cause as you are losing weight, i'm gaining & have grown out of most of my clothes =)

    Have a good Christmas!

  8. I love it. ( i like the name of the original too, made me laugh a little.) and i agree- special occasion clothes cannot be reused for the next special occasion..... used to drive my mom crazy because i have been that way since i was a girl. but i think you will get lots of mileage from your new outfit.

  9. I always have a new outfit or part outfit for Christmas Day. This year it is a black cashmere jumper that I managed to grab at half price when the sale started early at Boden! Yeah!

    You look stunning in your outfit Bethany - especially love your top.

  10. I, too, just discovered the awesomeness of tights. I love your polka dotted ones. The extent of my holiday wear is usually a new holiday-ish t-shirt. Pretty lame, I know, but we've always had a laid back Christmas, so I'd look pretty out of place wearing the fancy holiday clothes I'd like to wear. Instead, I buy fancy holiday clothes for my nephew and niece and enjoy how adorable they look.

  11. You look utterly lovely! I like that you were able to replicate the dress you wanted with separates.

    I adore dresses and I'm gaining a pretty good collection.

    Your polka dot tights are sweet. I have a pair too and I love them! (Oh and I have a heart printed pair too) xx

  12. I remember the night we decided that "boss" was making a comeback.

    I have just the cardigan that will go with this outfit, of course :) We Wisconsin women have to plan ahead!

  13. You look beautiful!

    Hey, random question, but where did you get that gorgeous lamp behind you?

  14. you look ravishing.
    i'm so depressed.
    we have NO clothing stores here (okay we have a few) but none of them have anything that I would like to wear for the holidays and I have a major urge to wear something pretty (and new) on Christmas Eve. boo. And it's too late to online shop. boo. Sorry for being a downer here.
    But seriously- you look ravishing. your sweetie is going to be so very excited when he sees you!

  15. your blog is my new favorite thing. really.

    and i have that target skirt and it is my most favorite thing ever. i wear it all the time.

    really...i love your blog.

    the end.


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