holiday scents.

I'm a fan of Christmas being a multi-sensory holiday experience. The look of twinkly white lights, the feel of chilly air against my skin, the taste of peppermints and the sound of cheery carols. And the scent? This is the oldest trick in the book, I know. Every family passes down their own version of this recipe...my sister passed it to me a few years ago. But, just incase you haven't read the oldest page in the oldest book...here's an unbelievably simple potpourri recipe.

Spicy Orange Potpourri
In a small pot, mix together:

2 cups of water
2 sticks of cinnamon
1 handful of orange peels
1 teaspoon of whole cloves

Let mixture simmer on "low" as long as your heart desires. Set a timer for 1 hour, and be sure to replenish the water at that time. (I've accidentally left mine simmering for too long. Holy smokes. Literally.) If you'd like to avoid the pot + stove situation altogether, follow my mama's genius example: use a mini crockpot. Much safer, especially if curious little hands are in the kitchen.

P.S. Happy I'm not the only procrastinator among us. I finished my last final this morning...is it pompous to say I rocked its face off? :)


  1. You are a genius - I was in my mom's spice cabinet last night and saw a bunch of gloves and found myself wishing I remembered who to make potpourri with them.

  2. guess what - you inspired me to get out my mini crockpot and make the house smell like christmas! Thanks!

  3. I've been doing this homemade potpurri (sp?) too all season long. It makes the house smell oh so good and is much better for you than burning cheap scented candles.


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