i love lamp.

One of the most frequent questions I get around here is, "Where did you get that lamp?!"

I know, right? It's perfection. It's been love since day one. This beaut stopped me dead in my tracks. But I died a little inside when I noticed the $40 pricetag. Rarely do I plunk down that much dough for something frivolous like a lamp, so I took a few deep breaths and walked away. But, two hours later, I was back...and I haven't regretted it since. Recently I moved it into my kitchen, so that while rushing about during my busy days, it would be the first thing I'd see upon returning home.

Here's the bad news: It came from TJMax. Tracking down the exact same lamp might prove difficult. Also, that price is pretty unbeatable.

Here's the good news: I did some research for you, and here's a few similarly-shaped options!

In other news, my sis and I are doing some Christmas Eve Eve dining + shopping tonight. The mall is open until midnight, and you can count this girl in! Meanwhile, I'm sending you a million and one holiday wishes...even if you're hustling and bustling, may your last few holiday days be so very merry. :)


  1. Happy Christmas Eve Eve!
    Have fun with your sister, dining and shopping and being festive...

    That lamp is fab. And so was your outfit in yesterday's post, gorgeous girl!

  2. Loooove this lamp. And the title of this post :p

  3. Ooh, and speaking of the lamp, I know of a lovely turquoise tree ornament that would match it perfectly!

  4. What an awesome, awesome find!

  5. You are the best! Thanks for posting this! :) Off to go check each of them out...

  6. That sounds wonderful! I hope you had fun being a midnight shopper :) I had to work the midnight shift here.

    The lamp is absolutely gorgeous! I love the style and the colour. I would adore something similar for my bedside tables.

    Thanks again for your lovely words on my last post ;)

    Have a beautiful Christmas!!


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